South Carolina Cumulative Rainfall Map with National Weather Service Radar Overlay

Precipitation gage data retrieved from NWISWeb: ...
Notice: July 31, 2020 - color-coded rain gage icons are not loading, rain gage totals are shown instead.
Clicking on Station Name in the table will open gage popup information.
NWS precipitation image data collected in the before: ...
Legend (inches)
map icon, dark grey
no data
map icon, light grey
map icon, very light blue
map icon, light blue
map icon, blue
map icon, dark blue
map icon, very light green
map icon, light green
map icon, green
map icon, dark green
map icon, light yellow
map icon, yellow
map icon, light orange
map icon, orange
map icon, light red
map icon, red
map icon, dark red
map icon, light pink
map icon, dark pink
map icon, light purple
map icon, dark purple
map icon, white
Legend colors refer to both USGS gage and National Weather Service precipitation overlay (at full opacity).
* For precipitation values less than 0.01 inches, the USGS gage symbol is light grey and the National Weather Service overlay is transparent.

Data: Hourly and Daily values are calculated from the last time a gage value was updated, which is not necessarily the time this web page was updated.
  • half shaded icon Half colored icons designate gage data that appears to be logging correctly but is over 1 hour and 15 minutes older than the NWISWeb time stamp at the top of the Rainfall page. The colored portion of the icon will represent the precipitation amount for that time interval.
  • full grey icon The "no data" icon is the result of an NWISWeb status code:
    • “ – – ” Parameter not determined, usually due to missing data.
    • “ Eqp ” Equipment malfunction.
    • “ Dis ” Data-collection discontinued.

USGS rain-gage data shown in the table are available at Water Data for the Nation : Current South Carolina Precipitation

NWS Precipitation Image overlays are provided by the National Weather Service. The images are available at https://idpgis.ncep.noaa.gov/arcgis/rest/services/NWS_Forecasts_Guidance_Warnings/rfc_hourly_qpe/MapServer.

North Carolina Cumulative Rainfall Map || Georgia Cumulative Rainfall Map

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