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Stratification and Water Quality of Jordan Lake

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Location of the Water-quality sampling sites in Jordan Lake, North Carolina

The USGS will operate four water-quality stations in the New Hope arm of Jordan Lake

Water-quality will be monitored:

Water-quality stations for the Jordan Lake study
Site Name USGS Station # Period of record
Water Quality Sample Sites
Jordan Lake at Bouy 9 Near Farrington, NC 0209771550water quality icon Dec. 1988
to Present
Jordan Lake Near Bouy 8 Near Bells, NC 0209781125water quality icon Apr. 2012
to Present
Jordan Lake White Oak Cr Arm Bl SR1008 At Bells, NC 0209791010water quality icon Apr. 2012
to Present
B.E. Jordan Lake Ab US hwy 64 At Wilsonville, NC 0209799150water quality icon Jul. 1991
to Present