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Georgia Agricultural Water Conservation and Metering Program, 2012

This web site presents results of a cooperative investigation of agricultural water use in Georgia Water Planning Regions and selected basins/subbasins (HUC-8s) during 2012.

This web site uses the following terms to describe results of the metering program:

Metered acres - the amount of agricultural acres equipped with water meters and represented in graphs, tables, and illustrations on this web site

Irrigated acres - the amount of metered acres that received irrigation during the year.
NS indicates that either (1) metered and irrigated acres are not reported to preserve the anonymity of individual farms or, (2) the number of metered irrigation systems is insufficient for statistical analysis.

The web page does not account for unmetered irrigated acres during the year. The total amount of metered and unmetered irrigated acres for a given Water Planning Region or subbasin would exceed the number of irrigated acres that have been catalogued by the metering program and represented on this web site.


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