Upper Floridan: Southwest

Water levels in 17 wells were used to define groundwater conditions in the Upper Floridan aquifer in southwestern Georgia. Water typically is confined in this area of the Upper Floridan aquifer; however, water is unconfined in areas where no sediments overlie the aquifer (typically to the north and west). Water levels in this area are affected by changes in precipitation and pumping. Hydrographs for selected wells (below) illustrate monthly mean water levels for the period of record. The hydrographs show periodic upward or downward trends that reflect surplus or deficits in rainfall, respectively, and changes in pumping.

Period of Record (POR) and Ten Year Trends
Station Name County POR First
POR Trend
Ten Year
Trend (ft/yr)
10H009 Baker xx xx yy
12K014 Baker xx xx yy
10K005 Calhoun xx xx yy
15Q016 Crisp xx xx yy
08E038 Decatur xx xx yy
08E039 Decatur xx xx yy
09F520 Decatur xx xx yy
09G001 Decatur xx xx yy
06G006 Early xx xx yy
08K001 Early xx xx yy
12F036 Grady xx xx yy
12M017 Lee xx xx yy
08G001 Miller xx xx yy
10G313 Mitchell xx xx yy
11J012 Mitchell xx xx yy
13J004 Mitchell xx xx yy
06F001 Seminole xx xx yy

Well Locations with Ten Year Trend Icons

up arrow icon down arrow icon    Arrow icons represent upward or downward water level trend. Calculations based on last 10 years of data.
dot icon    Dot icon represents trend slope less than 0.01 ft/yr. or less than 100 data points from the last 10yrs. of data.
up arrow icon with graph down arrow icon with graph dot icon with graph    Split color icons represent wells with graphs.
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Monthly Mean Data Graphs

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Station name: 09F520
County: Decatur
Number: 305736084355801

Slope (ft/yr):

Station name: 13J004
County: Mitchell
Number: 312127084065801

Slope (ft/yr):

Station name: 08K001
County: Early
Number: 312232084391701

Slope (ft/yr):