Surficial Aquifer

Water levels measured in 15 wells were used to define conditions in the surficial aquifer system. Groundwater in the surficial aquifer system typically is in contact with the atmosphere (referred to as an unconfined or water-table aquifer), but locally, especially in coastal Georgia, the water may be under pressure exerted by overlying sediments or rocks (referred to as a confined aquifer). Where unconfined, water levels change quickly in response to recharge and discharge. Consequently, hydrographs from these wells show a strong relation to climatic fluctuations. In parts of coastal Georgia the surficial aquifer system is used as a source of irrigation supply and shows a response to local pumping.

Period of Record (POR) and Ten Year Trends
Station Name County POR First
POR Trend
Ten Year
Trend (ft/yr)
33D072 Camden xx xx yy
35P094 Chatham xx xx yy
37P116 Chatham xx xx yy
38Q208 Chatham xx xx yy
39Q029 Chatham xx xx yy
09FF18 Cobb xx xx yy
09G003 Decatur xx xx yy
35H076 Glynn xx xx yy
33H208 Glynn xx xx yy
34H515 Glynn xx xx yy
34J082 Glynn xx xx yy
07H003 Miller xx xx yy
11AA01 Spalding xx xx yy
32L017 Wayne xx xx yy
13M007 Worth xx xx yy

Well Locations with Ten Year Trend Icons

up arrow icon down arrow icon    Arrow icons represent upward or downward water level trend. Calculations based on last 10 years of data.
dot icon    Dot icon represents trend slope less than 0.01 ft/yr. or less than 100 data points from the last 10yrs. of data.
up arrow icon with graph down arrow icon with graph dot icon with graph    Split color icons represent wells with graphs.
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Monthly Mean Data Graphs

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Station name: 35P094
County: Chatham
Number: 315950081161201

Slope (ft/yr):

Station name: 11AA01
County: Spalding
Number: 331507084171801

Slope (ft/yr):

Station name: 07H003
County: Miller
Number: 311009084495503

Slope (ft/yr):