Lower Floridan Aquifer

Period of Record (POR) and Ten Year Trends
Site Name County Water-bearing
POR First
POR Trend
Ten year
trend (ft/yr)
33R045 Bryan LF xx xx yy
35P125 Bryan LF xx xx yy
33D073 Camden LF xx xx yy
33D074 Camden LF xx xx yy
39Q024 Chatham LF xx xx yy
34S011 Effingham LF xx xx yy
33H206 Glynn LF xx xx yy
34H391 Glynn LF xx xx yy
34H436 Glynn LF xx xx yy
34H495 Glynn LF xx xx yy
34H500 Glynn LF xx xx yy
35H068 Glynn LF xx xx yy
32L005 Glynn LF xx xx yy

Well Locations with Ten Year Trend Icons

up arrow icon down arrow icon    Arrow icons represent upward or downward water level trend. Calculations based on last 10 years of data.
dot icon    Dot icon represents trend slope less than 0.01 ft/yr. or less than 100 data points from the last 10yrs. of data.
up arrow icon with graph down arrow icon with graph dot icon with graph    Split color icons represent wells with graphs.
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Monthly Mean Data Graphs

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Station name: 34H391
County: Glynn
Number: 310818081294201

Slope (ft/yr):

Station name: 39Q024
County: Chatham
Number: 320127080511201

Slope (ft/yr):

Station name: 33D073
County: Camden
Number: 304406081330504

Slope (ft/yr):

Station name: 35P125
County: Bryan
Number: 315443081185903

Slope (ft/yr):