Brunswick Aquifer

Water levels in 18 wells were used to define conditions in the Brunswick aquifer system. The aquifer system consists of the confined upper and lower Brunswick aquifers and equivalent low-permeability sediments to the north and west in southeastern Georgia. Water-level fluctuations reflect changes in local pumping, interaquifer-leakage effects, and recharge.

Period of Record (POR) and Ten Year Trends
Station Name County Water-bearing
POR First
POR Trend
Ten Year
Trend (ft/yr)
36N012 Bryan L xx xx yy
31U009 Bulloch UX xx xx yy
32G047 Camden U xx xx yy
33D071 Camden U xx xx yy
35Q050 Chatham U xx xx yy
38Q209 Chatham B xx xx yy
39Q026 Chatham UX xx xx yy
34S008 Effingham LX xx xx yy
35S008 Effingham LX xx xx yy
33J062 Glynn L xx xx yy
33J065 Glynn U xx xx yy
34H437 Glynn U xx xx yy
34J077 Glynn U xx xx yy
34J080 Glynn L xx xx yy
34J081 Glynn U xx xx yy
35H077 Glynn L xx xx yy
34K104 McIntosh L xx xx yy
32L016 Wayne U xx xx yy

1L, lower Brunswick aquifer; UX, undifferentiated, low-permeability equivalent to the upper Brunswick aquifer; U, upper Brunswick aquifer; B, Brunswick aquifer system; LX, undifferentiated, low-permeability equivalent to the lower Brunswick aquifer.

Well Locations with Ten Year Trend Icons

up arrow icon down arrow icon    Arrow icons represent upward or downward water level trend. Calculations based on last 10 years of data.
dot icon    Dot icon represents trend slope less than 0.01 ft/yr. or less than 100 data points from the last 10yrs. of data.
up arrow icon with graph down arrow icon with graph dot icon with graph    Split color icons represent wells with graphs.
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Monthly Mean Data Graphs

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Station name: 31U009
County: Bulloch
Number: 323123081511602

Slope (ft/yr):

Station name: 32L016
County: Wayne
Number: 313253081433503

Slope (ft/yr):

Station name: 34H437
Content: Glynn
Number: 310901081284402

Slope (ft/yr):