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U.S. Geological Survey Manual

U.S. Geological Survey

General Records Disposition Schedule

Prepared by the Geospatial Information Office


May 2009

U.S. Department of the Interior
U.S.Geological Survey

Foreword and Table of Contents | Record of Posted Changes | Information on Official Records | How to use Records Disposition Schedules | Changes in this Issuance | Chapter 100 | Chapter 200 | Chapter 300 | Chapter 400 | Chapter 500 | Chapter 600 | Chapter 700 | Chapter 800 | Chapter 900 | Chapter 1000 | Chapter 1100 | Chapter 1200 | Chapter 1300 | Appendix 1 | Appendix 2


General Records Schedules (GRS) are issued by the Archivist of the United States to provide the disposal authorizations for Federal administrative records common to several or all agencies of the Federal Government. They include records relating to civilian personnel, fiscal accounting, safety and security, procurement, communications, information technology and information resources management areas, publications, printing, and other common functions. These records comprise an estimated one-third of the total volume of records created by Federal agencies. In 1978, use of the GRS was made mandatory and the disposal authorizations were mandated to be used by Federal agencies. Because these schedules are designed to cover records common to several agencies, many of the records descriptions are general.

Each agency is given the choice to either use the GRS as an appendix to their agency's own printed schedule or tailor the GRS to their agencies own particular needs and incorporate them into an agency schedule. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has chosen to use its own General Records Disposition Schedule (GRDS) supplemented by the GRS. This GRDS has been approved by the Archivist of the United States and provides the USGS with retention requirements for bureau records of continuing value and destruction requirements for records of temporary value after the expiration of a specified period of time or upon the occurrence of a specific event. The USGS GRDS is the only authorized schedule to be used for administrative bureau records. By using the USGS GRDS, bureau employees will be able to effectively and efficiently manage agency records regardless of personnel or organizational changes. In addition, implementation of consistent records management practices will ensure: 1) compliance with legal mandates and regulatory requirements; 2) reducing costs associated with managing, archiving, and retrieving records; 3) reducing the volume of records that must be managed and archived by destroying obsolete records; 4) ready access to critical information; and 5) historical or long-term records are properly maintained and available for future projects. Whether an office, employee, or contractor maintains a few or a large volume of administrative records, this GRDS must be applied to those records.

The GRDS includes a Foreword, Table of Contents, Record of Posted Changes, Information on Official Records, Guidelines on how to use Records Disposition Schedules, Changes in this Issuance, the schedule itself (Chapters 100 through 1300), a listing of Abbreviations and Definitions, and an alphabetical Subject Index.

Proper implementation of the GRDS involves carefully applying its provisions to both permanent and temporary bureau records. The schedule's final objective is to ensure authorized, appropriate, uniform, and timely disposition of bureau records.

For the program disciplines, regions, and offices of the USGS, this schedule is to be used together with the mission-specific or scientific records schedules that have been developed for the Biology, Geology, Geography, and Water Resources disciplines and the schedule developed for the records of the Special Geologic Studies Group. A mission-specific records schedule will soon be issued for the scientific records in the Geospatial Information Office. In the event that records are not covered by the GRDS or a discipline's mission-specific records schedule, contact the USGS Records Management Officer or your discipline, office, or regional Records Liaison Officer listed on the USGS Intranet Web site at:

The previous edition of this GRDS, dated April 2003, is superseded.

The Federal records disposition and scheduling process is an essential part of the USGS Records Management Program. The preservation of official records, in any form or media, is extremely important in order to allow future researchers and historians access to the history of the USGS and preserve America's documentary heritage. These records must be complete, well-documented, easily accessible, protected from accidental destruction or loss, and arranged to best serve present and future needs.

DATE: May 2009

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Table of Contents


Record of Posted Changes

Information on Official Records

How to use Records Disposition Schedules

Changes in this Issuance

Chapter 100. Organizational, History, Administrative Management, and Program Policy and Management Records

     101. Organizational, History, Administrative Management, and Commissions/Councils/Boards/Committee Records
          101-01. Organizational Functions and USGS Histories
          101-02. Agency Management Plans, Surveys, Studies, Strategies, and Initiatives
          101-03. Final Agency-Level Strategic and Performance Plans
          101-04. Temporary Commissions, Councils, Boards, Committees, and Conference Records

     102. Program Management, Director's Project, and Oversight Records
          102-01. Program Mission Files
          102-02. Correspondence Control System
          102-03. Bureau Director's Files
          102-04. Program Policy, Direction, and Decision Case Files
          102-05. Project Records
          102-06. Oversight Files
          102-07. General Reports and Correspondence Files

     103. Bureau Directives and Federal Register Notices
          103-01. Bureau Directives Files
          103-02. Bureau Directives Management Program Files
          103-03. Bureau External Directives Case Files

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Chapter 200. Chief Information Officer, Security Program, Information Resources Management, Telecommunications, Computer, and Electronic Records

     201. Federal Chief Information Officer's Files
          201-01. IT Program Planning Records
          201-02. Enterprise Architecture Records
          201-03. IT Capital Investment Records
          201-04. Legal and Regulatory Compliance Records
          201-05. CIO Committee Records
          201-06. CIO Subject and Office Records

     202. IT Oversight and Compliance Files
          202-01. Oversight and Compliance Files
          202-02. IT Facility, Site Management, and Equipment Support Services Records
          202-03. IT Asset and Configuration Management Files
          202-04. System Backups
          202-05. Files Related to Maintaining the Security of Systems and Data
          202-06. User Identification, Profiles, Authorizations, and Password Files
          202-07. IT Operations Records
          202-08. IT Customer Service Files
          202-09. IT Infrastructure Design and Implementation Files
          202-10. IT Security Data Files

     203. Management Control Records
          203-01. Policy, Procedure, and Guidance Files
          203-02. Management Control Plans
          203-03. Risk Analyses
          203-04. Annual Reports and Assurance Statements
          203-05. Tracking Files
          203-06. Review Files
          203-07. Management Control General Records

     204. Security Program Support Records
          204-01. Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) Files
          204-02. Security Program System Certification and Accreditation (C&A) Files
          204-03. Patch, Change, and Configuration Management Files
          204-04. Program Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) Files
          204-05. Security Program Support Files
          204-06. IT Security Scorecard Files
          204-07. Computer Incident Response Team Files
          204-08. Security Program General Files

     205. A-76 (Performance of Commercial Activities) Competitive Sourcing Records
          205-01. Reviews and Studies
          205-02. Records Documenting the USGS Implementation of A-76

     206. Information Resources Management (IRM) Files
          206-01. IRM Oversight Files
          206-02. IRM Policies and Procedures
          206-03. IRM Feasibility Studies and Program Files
          206-04. General IRM Files

     207. Records Management, Forms, and Information Collection Budget Files
          207-01. Records Management Filing Systems
          207-02. Records Management Files
          207-03. Records Holding Files
          207-04. Microform Inspection Records
          207-05. Vital Records
          207-06. Forms Case Files
          207-07. Information Collection Budget Files

     208. Telecommunications Files
          208-01. General Telecommunications Management Files
          208-02. Telecommunications Management Policies and Procedures Files
          208-03. Telecommunications Equipment Management Files
          208-04. Telephone Use (Call Detail) Records
          208-05. Telephone Calling Card Records
          208-06. Radio Communications Systems

     209. Computer Files
          209-01. Bureau-level Software, Hardware, and Computer System Files
          209-02. User Support and Liaison Files

     210. Electronic Records
          210-01. Files and Records Relating to the Creation, Use, and Maintenance of Computer Systems, Applications, or Electronic Records
          210-02. Input/Source Records
          210-03. Electronic Records that Replace Temporary Hard-copy Records
          210-04. Data Files Consisting of Summarized Information
          210-05. Records Consisting of Extracted Information
          210-06. Print File
          210-07. Technical Reformat File
          210-08. Backups of Files
          210-09. Finding Aids (or Indexes)
          210-10. Special Purpose Programs
          210-11. Documentation
          210-12. Downloaded and Copied Data
          210-13. Word Processing Files
          210-14. Electronic Mail Records
          210-15. Electronic Spreadsheets
          210-16. Hard-copy Printouts Created to Meet Ad Hoc Business Needs

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Chapter 300. Administrative Support Records

     301. USGS.GOV Web Site
          301-01. USGS.GOV Web Content
          301-02. USGS.GOV Reports, Statistics, Policies, Guidance, and Planning Records
          301-03. USGS.GOV General Files

     302. Mail, Messenger, and Distribution Files
          302-01. Messenger Service Files
          302-02. Post Office and Private Mail Company Records
          302-03. Mail and Delivery Service Control Files
          302-04. Metered Mail Files
          302-05. Postal Irregularities Files

     303. Travel and Transportation Files
          303-01. Commercial Freight and Passenger Transportation Files
          303-02. Lost or Damaged Shipments Files
          303-03. Foreign Travel Records
          303-04. Reimbursable Travel Files
          303-05. General Travel and Transportation Files
          303-06. Non-Federally Funded Travel Files
          303-07. Federal Employee Transportation Subsidy Records
          303-08. Records Relating to Official Passports

     304. Self-Service Store Operations Files
          304-01. Self-Service Store Operations General Files
          304-02. Stores Invoice Files
          304-03. Inventory Requisition Files
          304-04. Inventory Files
          304-05. Stores Accounting Files
          304-06. Stores Accounting Background Files

     305. Natural Science Network (NSN) Program
          305-01. NSN Program Operations Files
          305-02. NSN Program Planning Files
          305-03. NSN Finding Aids
          305-04. NSN Information Requests, Referrals, and Acknowledgement Files
          305-05. NSN State Agreements
          305-06. IBiS System

     306. Library Records
          306-01. Library Operations
          306-02. Library Materials
          306-03. Interlibrary Borrowing Requests
          306-04. Library Purchase Transactions
          306-05. Library Reference Inquiries and Document Delivery Field Requests
          306-06. Library Management Records
          306-07. Library Statistical Reports
          306-08. Library Historical Records
          306-09. Library Catalog

     307. Internal and External Audit Records
          307-01. Audit Files
          307-02. Office of the Inspector General Contact Reports Files
          307-03. General Audit Files

     308. Schedules of Daily Activities
          308-01. Schedules of Daily Activities

     309. Records Common to Most Offices
          309-01. Files Maintenance and Disposition Plans
          309-02. Reading or Chronological Files
          309-03. Policy and Precedent Reference Files
          309-04. Temporary Files
          309-05. Routine Tracking and Control Files
          309-06. Agency Directives and Publications - Reference and/or Circulating Copies
          309-07. Administrative Announcements
          309-08. Directives and Publications of Other Government Agencies
          309-09. Non-Government Publications
          309-10. Office Administrative Files
          309-11. Delegations of Authority Files

     310. Administrative Databases and Electronic Spreadsheets
          310-01. Administrative Databases

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Chapter 400. Human Capital Program (Including Payroll and Time and Attendance Records), Equal Employment Opportunity, and Employee Development Records

     401. Human Capital Program Files
          401-01. Human Capital Program Plans and General Records
          401-02. Human Capital Management Analysis, Statistical, and Other Reports
          401-03. Human Resources Initiatives (HRI) Proposal Awards

     402. Official Personnel Folders (OPF)
          402-01. OPF of Federal Employees
          402-02. Supervisor's Personnel Files and Duplicate OPF Documentation

     403. Volunteer Personnel Files
          403-01. Volunteer Files
          403-02. Volunteer Program Administrative Files

     404. Employment Files
          404-01. Appointment Information and Employment Staffing and Analysis Files
          404-02. Offers of Employment Files
          404-03. Certificates of Eligibles Files
          404-04. Employee Merit Promotion Case Files
          404-05. Personnel Interview Records
          404-06. Notifications of Personnel Actions
          404-07. Employment Applications
          404-08. E-mail Vacancy Notification System
          404-09. Vacancy Announcements (As Created and Maintained in Personnel Offices)
          404-10. Recruitment Packages
          404-11. Prehire Test Files
          404-12. Employment Examination and Certification Records
          404-13. Unemployment Compensation Records
          404-14. Reductions-in-Force Files
          404-15. Online Automated Recruitment System (OARS)
          404-16. Exit Interviews
          404-17. Volunteer for Science Program System

     405. Employee Performance and Awards Files
          405-01. Employee Awards Files
          405-02. Employee Performance File System Records

     406. Position Classification and Job Evaluation Files
          406-01. Classification Files
          406-02. FastClass
          406-03. Wage Survey Files
          406-04. Pay Comparability Records
          406-05. Classification Appraisals (Pay) Files

     407. Employee Relations and Service Files
          407-01. Employee Relations Case Files
          407-02. Employee Investigative Files
          407-03. Leave Program Files
          407-04. Employee Concerns Program
          407-05. Conflict Resolution (CORE) Program

     408. Benefits and Workplace Enhancement Program Records
          408-01. Physical Fitness Program
          408-02. Alternate Worksite/Flexiplace Telecommuting Program
          408-03. Transportation Fringe Benefit Program
          408-04. Federally Run Day Care Centers
          408-05. General Workplace Enhancement Program Files
          408-06. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Files
          408-07. Federal Employees Health Benefits Program
          408-08. Employee Benefits Files

     409. Ethics and Employee Standards of Conduct
          409-01. Ethics and Employee Standards of Conduct Files
          409-02. Financial Disclosure Reports
          409-03. Stock Holding Conflicts and Advisories
          409-04. Conflict-of-Interest Files
          409-05. Serving in Official Duty Capacity in Outside Organizations
          409-06. Ethics Training Records
          409-07. Acreage Report Files

     410. Federal Workplace Drug Testing
          410-01. Federal Workplace Drug Testing Program Files
          410-02. Federal Workplace Drug Awareness Program Files

     411. Special Appointment Files
          411-01. Americans with Disabilities Act Files

     412. Educational and Student Program Files
          412-01. Academic and Outreach Programs
          412-02. Apprenticeship Program Files
          412-03. Tuition Reimbursement Records
          412-04. Student Recruitment System (SRS)
          412-05. Student Placement Assistance (SPA) System

     413. Employee Training Files
          413-01. Learning Management System (LMS)
          413-02. Training Records
          413-03. USGS Programs Designed to Help USGS Employees
          413-04. Training Support Databases

     414. Employee Health Files
          414-01. Individual Non-Occupational Health Record Files
          414-02. Health Unit Control Files
          414-03. Employee Medical Folders (EMF)
          414-04. Employee Health Statistical Summaries
          414-05. Personal Injury Files
          414-06. Occupational Injury and Illness Files

     415. Labor Relations Files
          415-01. Labor Management Relations
          415-02. Certification/Decertification Files

     416. EEO Files
          416-01. EEO Official Discrimination Records
          416-02. EEO Compliance Records
          416-03. EEO Employment Statistics Files
          416-04. EEO Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs)
          416-05. Special Emphasis Programs and Project Records
          416-06. EEO General Files

     417. Payroll and Time and Attendance Files
          417-01. Individual Employee Pay Records
          417-02. Non-Current Payroll Files
          417-03. Time and Attendance - Leave Application Files
          417-04. Time and Attendance Source Records
          417-05. Time and Attendance Input Records
          417-06. Flexitime Attendance
          417-07. Leave Record Files
          417-08. Tax Files
          417-09. Savings Bond Purchase Files
          417-10. Combined Federal Campaign and Other Allotment Authorizations
          417-11. Payroll Levy and Garnishment Files
          417-12. Payroll Administration - Payroll System Reports
          417-13. Payroll Adjustment and Change Files
          417-14. Payroll Correspondence

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Chapter 500. Information Services Records

     501. Electronic Freedom of Information Act (E-FOIA), Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and Privacy Act Files
          501-01. E-FOIA and FOIA Request and Appeals Files
          501-02. E-FOIA and FOIA Control Files
          501-03. E-FOIA and FOIA Reports and Administrative Files

     502. Privacy Act Requests
          502-01. Privacy Act Requests Files
          502-02. Privacy Act Amendment Case Files
          502-03. Privacy Act Accounting of Disclosure Files
          502-04. Privacy Act Control Files
          502-05. Privacy Act Reports and Administrative Files

     503. Mandatory Review for Declassification Files
          503-01. Mandatory Review for Declassification Requests Files
          503-02. Mandatory Review for Declassification Appeals Files
          503-03. Mandatory Review for Declassification Control Files
          503-04. Mandatory Review for Declassification Reports and Administrative Files
          503-05. Erroneous Release Files

     504. Information Quality Records
          504-01. Records Documenting the Development, Procedures, and the General Administration of the Program
          504-02. Information Quality Reports
          504-03. Complaint Files

     505. Communications Files
          505-01. Communications General Correspondence
          505-02. Presentations and Official Speeches
          505-03. Communication Administrative Files
          505-04. Communication Project Files
          505-05. Public Briefings and Community Relations
          505-06. Biographical Records
          505-07. Exhibits
          505-08. Weekly Highlights and Other Bureau Summaries of USGS Activities
          505-09. Bureau Clippings Files
          505-10. Visual Identify System

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Chapter 600. Legal, Congressional, Inventions, Patents, Technology Transfer Agreements, Cooperative Research and Development Agreements, and Other USGS Agreement Records

     601. Law and Litigation Records
          601-01. Law and Litigation General Files
          601-02. Law and Litigation Reports
          601-03. Solicitor's Office Correspondence
          601-04. Law Enforcement Files
          601-05. Litigation and Appeals Files
          601-06. Investigative Case Files
          601-07. Claims
          601-08. Witness Files
          601-09. Compliance Audit and Assessment Records

     602. Congressional Records
          602-01. Congressional Legislative Files
          602-02. Member Files
          602-03. Legislative Proposal Case Files
          602-04. Congressional and Legislative Files
          602-05. Congressional Hearing/Briefing Files

     603. Inventions, Patents, and Copyrights
          603-01. Invention Case Files
          603-02. True Copy Certifications

     604. Technology Transfer Agreements (TTA) Files
          604-01. Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs)
          604-02. Other TTA Agreements
          604-03. Other Records and Documents Associated with Technology Transfer Formats
          604-04. Marketing Research or Promotional Records
          604-05. Other TTAs

     605. Other USGS Agreements
          605-01. Agreements Signed by the USGS to Accept Fiscal Resources (Excludes TTAs)
          605-02. Reimbursable Service Agreements
          605-03. Memorandum of Understandings/Memorandum of Agreements
          605-04. Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Mobility Program
          605-05. Proposals
          605-06. Other Copies

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Chapter 700. Budgeting, Financial Management, Accounting, Disbursement, Assessment, and Other Chief Financial Officer Records

     701. Budget and Financial Files
          701-01. Budget and Financial Project Files
          701-02. General Budget and Financial Management Administrative Files
          701-03. Budget Estimates, Justifications, and Annual Work Plan Consolidated Files
          701-04. Budget Apportionment Files
          701-05. Financial Management and Program Coordination Report Files
          701-06. Miscellaneous Reconciliation Files
          701-07. Financial Management and Program Coordination Background Records
          701-08. Financial Management and Program Coordination Policy Files
          701-09. Funds and Funding Files
          701-10. Financial Audits and Claim Settlements

     702. Expenditure Accounting Records
          702-01. General Correspondence and Subject Files
          702-02. General Accounting Ledgers
          702-03. Appropriation Allotment Files
          702-04. Expenditure Accounting Posting and Control Files
          702-05. Payments-in-Lieu-of-Taxes (PILT) Files

     703. Accounting and Disbursement Files
          703-01. Accountable Officers' Files
          703-02. GAO Exceptions Files
          703-03. Certificates Settlement Files
          703-04. General Fund Files
          703-05. Accounting Administrative Files
          703-06. Accounting Systems Files
          703-07. Federal Personnel Surety Bond Files
          703-08. Taxation Files
          703-09. Telegrams
          703-10. Telephone Files
          703-11. Administrative and Tort Claims Files
          703-12. Appropriations
          703-13. Collection Procedures
          703-14. Unpaid Obligations
          703-15. Government Credit Card Files
          703-16. Working Capital Fund

     704. Bureau Assessments (Both Reimbursable and Appropriated Funds)
          704-01. Financial Records Relating to the Bureau Assessment Activities
          704-02. Miscellaneous Records
          704-03. Bureau Assessment Policies and Procedures

     705. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Files
          705-01. Financial Management Planning and Project Records
          705-02. Performance and Accountability Reports

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Chapter 800. Acquisition, Supply, and Grant Records

     801. Acquisition Files
          801-01. Acquisition Files
          801-02. Contracts Appeals Case Files
          801-03. Contingent Fee Violations Files
          801-04. Contractor's Payroll Files
          801-05. Performance of Commercial Activities Files
          801-06. Unsolicited Proposals

     802. Supply Management Files
          802-01. Supply Management Files

     803. Grant Files
          803-01. Grant and Cooperative Agreement Case Files
          803-02. Grant Administrative Files

     804. Acquisition Management and Administration Files
          804-01. General Acquisition Management Files
          804-02. General Acquisition Correspondence Files
          804-03. Contracting Officer Files
          804-04. Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Files

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Chapter 900. Emergency Planning, Safety, Security, and Environmental Records

     901. Classified Information Records
          901-01. Program and Policy Guides and Classification Manual Policy Files
          901-02. General Files
          901-03. Destruction Certificates Files
          901-04. Classified Document Inventory Files
          901-05. Top Secret Accounting and Control Files
          901-06. Access Request Files
          901-07. Security Container Records

     902. Protection Program Administrative Records
          902-01. Security and Protective Services Administrative Correspondence Files
          902-02. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Files
          902-03. Security Alarm and Access Control System Files
          902-04. Master Safeguards and Security Agreements and Security Plans
          902-05. Physical Security Files
          902-06. Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence Files
          902-07. Facilities Survey and Inspection Files (Government-owned Facilities)
          902-08. Facilities Survey and Inspection Files (Privately-owned Facilities)
          902-09. Investigative Files
          902-10. Misuse of Government Property
          902-11. Incident of Security Concern Inquiry and Investigation Files
          902-12. Property Pass Files
          902-13. Key Accountability Files
          902-14. Guard and Security Police Officer Assignment Files
          902-15. Guard and Security Service Control Files
          902-16. Police Functions Files
          902-17. Trespass Investigative Files
          902-18. Visitor Control Files
          902-19. Visitor Access Approval Files
          902-20. Facilities Check Files
          902-21. Logs and Registers
          902-22. Credentials Files

     903. Personnel Security Records
          903-01. Security Clearance and Access Authorization Administrative Subject Files
          903-02. Security Clearance and Access Authorization Administrative Policy Subject Files
          903-03. Administration and Operation Files
          903-04. Contractor Investigative Records Maintenance (HSPD-12 Credentialing Records)
          903-05. Security Clearance and Access Authorization Case Records
          903-06. Security Clearance and Access Authorization Status Files
          903-07. Security Violations Files
          903-08. Classified Information Non-Disclosure Agreements

     904. Safety Management Records
          904-01. Safety Files
          904-02. Safety and Statistical Reports
          904-03. Safety Procedures and Programs
          904-04. Safety Policies
          904-05. Accident Files
          904-06. Records that Demonstrate the Capability for Safe Operations
          904-07. Records that Verify the Performance of Safe Operations
          904-08. Safety and Security Training Records
          904-09. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Files
          904-10. Equipment Records
          904-11. General Work Permits
          904-12. Asbestos Records

     905. Emergency Planning Files
          905-01. Emergency Planning Administrative Correspondence Files
          905-02. Emergency Planning Program Correspondence Files
          905-03. Emergency Planning Case Files
          905-04. Emergency Operations Test Files
          905-05. Fire Management Files

     906. Environmental Management, Permitting, and Compliance Records
          906-01. Environmental Management, Permitting, and Compliance Policy and Guidance Files
          906-02. Environmental Management, Permitting, and Compliance Case Files

     907. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Records
          907-01. NEPA Regulations, Policy, Procedures, and Guidance Documents
          907-02. USGS Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Environmental Assessments (EA), and Cooperating Agency Records
          907-03. Records Associated with USGS Review of NEPA and Other Environmental Documents Prepared by Other Agencies
          907-04. Document Review Status Reports and General Files

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Chapter 1000. Property Management

     1001. Personal Property Management Program
          1001-01. General Personal Property Management Files
          1001-02. Personal Property Custodian Files
          1001-03. Fixed Assets Subsystem
          1001-04. Property Management Interface System (PMIS)
          1001-05. Personal Property Loan Activities
          1001-06. Personal Property Disposal Case Files
          1001-07. Bureau Board of Survey Files

     1002. Motor Vehicle, Aircraft, and Watercraft Management Files
          1002-01. General Motor Vehicle, Aircraft, and Watercraft Management Files
          1002-02. Motor Vehicle, Aircraft, and Watercraft Alleged Misuse Files
          1002-03. Motor Vehicle, Aircraft, and Watercraft History, Operation and Use, Maintenance, and Release and Transfer Files
          1002-04. Motor Vehicle, Aircraft, and Watercraft Operator Files

     1003. Energy Conservation Case Files
          1003-01. General Energy Conservation Management Files
          1003-02. Long-term Statistical and Trend Data Compiliations and Summaries

     1004. Museum Property Files
          1004-01. Museum General Management Files
          1004-02. Museum Accountability Files

     1005. Real Property Management Program
          1005-01. General Real Property Management Files
          1005-02. Real Property Management Policies and Procedures
          1005-03. Real Property Reports
          1005-04. Bureau-Owned Real Property
          1005-05. Real Property Maintenance Records
          1005-06. Building Operations Plans
          1005-07. GSA and Bureau-Leased Space Files
          1005-08. Federal Real Property Management (FRPM) System

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Chapter 1100. Audiovisual Records

     1101. Official Portraits of USGS Directors and Other High-Ranking USGS Officials
          1101-01. Official Portrait Photographs
          1101-02. Portrait Photographs of Other USGS Personnel

     1102. General Photography Records
          1102-01. Documentary and Research Photography - USGS Mission-Related Records
          1102-02. Photography - USGS Non-Mission Related Records

     1103. Motion Picture Records
          1103-01. Motion Pictures - USGS-Sponsored and Mission-Related Records
          1103-02. Motion Pictures - Non-Mission Related Records

     1104. Video Recordings and Other Media Records
          1104-01. Video Recordings and Other Media - USGS-Sponsored and Mission-Related Records
          1104-02. Video Recordings and Other Media - USGS-Sponsored and Non-Mission Related Records

     1105. Audio (Sound) Recordings
          1105-01. Audio Recordings - USGS-Sponsored and Mission-Related Records

     1106. Miscellaneous Records
          1106-01. Related Documentation
          1106-02. Audiovisual Administrative General Files

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Chapter 1200. Digital and Geospatial Data, Cartographic, and Architectural Drawings

     1201. Digital Geospatial Data
          1201-01. Geospatial Data Sets

     1202. Cartographic Records
          1202-01. Printed Maps
          1202-02. Cartographic Records Prepared During Intermediate Stages of Publication

     1203. Architectural Drawings
          1203-01. Architectural Drawings of Temporary Structures and Buildings or of Buildings not Critical to the Mission of the USGS
          1203-02. Contract Negotiation Drawings
          1203-03. Space Assignment Plans
          1203-04. Architectural Models
          1203-05. Engineering Drawings of Routine Minor Parts
          1203-06. Drawings Reflecting Minor Modifications

     1204. Miscellaneous Records
          1204-01. Paint Plans and Samples

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Chapter 1300. Publishing Records

     1301. USGS Information Products
          1301-01. USGS Publications Series
          1301-02. All Other Copies
          1301-03. Review and Approval Records and Copyright Permission Records
          1301-04. Working Papers, Manuscripts, and Background Materials

     1302. Information Products Research and Management Files
          1302-01. Research Records Supporting Information Products
          1302-02. Information Product Management Policies, Procedures, Directives, Instructions, and Reports
          1302-03. Information Product Customer Mailing Lists
          1302-04. Information Product Indexes

     1303. Miscellaneous Publishing Records
          1303-01. Internal USGS Information Products, Newsletters, and Announcements
          1303-02. Electronic Files, Artwork, Camera-Ready Originals, and Related Negatives (such as Line and Half-tone Negatives and Color Separates)
          1303-03. Printing Project Files
          1303-04. Miscellaneous Information Products Management Files

     1304. Information Product Data System (IPDS)
          1304-01. Inputs
          1304-02. Master File
          1304-03. Outputs
          1304-04. System Documentation
          1304-05. Backup Tapes

     1305. Electronic Publications Database System (currently called the Publications Warehouse)
          1305-01. Inputs
          1305-02. Master File
          1305-03. Outputs
          1305-04. System Documentation
          1305-05. System Backup
          1305-06. Working Papers and Background Materials

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     Appendix 1 - Abbreviations and Definitions

     Appendix 2 - Subject Index

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