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U.S. Geological Survey Manual

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Mail Management, 434.1

Maintenance, Building, 429.1

Maintenance, Deferred, 422.1

Maintenance and Management of Space, 429.1

Management Development, 370.412.3

Manual, Geological Survey, 431.5

   Distribution, 301.2

   Division Supplements, 431.5

   Issuance of Material, 431.5

Mapping Responsibility and Policy, 800.1

Map Sales, 338.2

Maternity Leave, 370.630.4 (also, see Leave)

Media, Audiovisual and Products, 1100.7

Medical Preventive Treatment, 370.792.1

Memorandum of Agreement Preparation, 500.21

Memorandum of Understanding, Domestic, 500.26

Merit Promotion Plan, 370.335.1

Metric Conversion, 402.5

Micrographics - Information Storage and Retrieval, See 431.1 Records Management Program

Micropurchase, 403.2

Military Duty

   Military Leave, 370.630.9

Motor Vehicles, 409.1

   Accidents, Report of, 409.1

   Accountability for (Acquisition), 409.1

   Authorized Use of, 409.1

   Bill of Sale, 409.1

   Disposal, 409.1

   Operator's Record (DI-120), 409.1

   Parking at Residence, 409.1

   Rental System, 409.1

   Reports, 409.1

   Sale of, 338.9

   Storage, 409.1

   Tort Claims, 451.1

Motorcycles, 409.1

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