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No. OFM 2000-02

Date: March 30, 2000

Subject: Procedures for Assigning GPO Document Numbers

In the past, bureau-wide procedures were not established regarding how to assign a document number for a Government Printing Office (GPO) obligating document. Because of the lack of such procedures, reconciling GPO OPAC bills with obligating documents in Federal Financial System (FFS) have become a time-consuming and difficult task. The procedures below will now serve as the bureau-wide procedures for assigning document numbers to GPO obligations. These procedures must be followed by all divisions and field offices.

When GPO obligations are entered into FFS, the following format should be used. The first position should represent the last digit of the fiscal year in which the obligation was made. The next two positions, the second and third, would be PB (printing and binding). If the obligating document is GPO Form 2511, "Print Order" (attachment 1), then the fourth through the sixth position of the document number would represent the last three digits of the requisition number. The remaining positions of the document number would be the print order number. Therefore, if a division obligates funds in FY 1998 with a requisition number 8-00005 and Print Order No. 85141, the FFS document number should be 8PB00585141 (attachment 2).

If the obligating document is SF 1, "Printing and Binding Requisition" (attachment 3), which does not have a print order number, then the division would use the last digit of the fiscal year, PB, and the requisition number. Therefore, if a division obligates funds in FY 1998 with a requisition number 8-01017, the FFS document number should be 8PB01017 (attachment 4).

GPO requires that all offices that generate an SF 1 for a GPO office outside of the Washington, DC area to include I-WGS as part of the requisition number. Therefore if an office in the Denver area deals with a GPO office outside the Washington area, their requisition number would be 8-01017-I-WGS (attachment 5) and the FFS document number would be 8PB01017WGS (attachment 6). The FFS document number field is limited to 11 positions; therefore, the "I" is dropped when obligating the SF 1 in the system.

Each obligating document must be sent to the Accounts Payable Branch, Office of Financial Management, MS 270 National Center, Reston, VA 20192. These documents must contain a stamp indicating the vendor code, transaction code, the document number as entered into FFS, and entry date in FFS. This information will assist the OFM staff in applying the charges to the correct accounting information and to liquidate the proper obligations.

Attached are the following items:

Obligating Documents:

FFS OBLH Screen reflecting the proper document number:

GPO invoice that supports the above procedures:

All questions should be directed to the Accounts Payable Branch on (703)648-7654.

John J. Blickley, Acting Chief
Office of Financial Management

Attachment 1 - GPO Form 2511
Attachment 2 - Obll screen for GPO Form 2511
Attachment 3 - SF 1
Attachment 4 - Obll screen for SF 1
Attachment 5 - SF 1
Attachment 6 - Obll screen for SF 1
Attachment 7 - GPO invoice for the GPO Form 2511

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