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Instructional Memorandum OAG 2004-001 Appendix

List of EPA Designated Items

Items affected by EPA notice published April 30, 2004:

* Indicates new item.
Indicates revised item.

Part A - Paper and Paper Products

High grade bleached printing and writing paper
Tissue products
Unbleached packaging (corrugated boxes, fiber boxes, brown papers (e.g., bags))
Recycled paperboard

Part B  - Vehicular Products

B-1   Lubricating Oil
R B-2   Retread Tires
B-3   Engine Coolants
* B-4   Rebuilt vehicular parts

Part C - Construction Products

C-1   Building Insulation
C-2   Structural Fiberboard and Laminated Paperboard
R C-3   Cement and Concrete
R C-4   Carpet
C-5   Floor Tiles and Patio Blocks Containing Recovered Plastic or Rubber
C-6   Shower and Restroom Dividers/Partitions Containing Recovered Plastic or Steel
R C-7   Reprocessed and Consolidated Latex Paints for Specified Uses
C-8   Carpet Cushion Made from Bonded Polyurethane, Jute, Synthetic Fibers, or Rubber Containing Recovered Materials 
C-9   Flowable Fill Containing Coal Fly Ash and/or Ferrous Foundry Sands
R C-10   Railroad Grade Crossing Surfaces Containing Coal Fly Ash, Recovered Rubber, or Recovered Steel
* C-11   Modular threshold ramps Containing Recovered Steel, Aluminum, or Rubber
* C-12   Nonpressure pipe Containing Recovered Steel, Plastic, or Cement
* C-13   Roofing materials Containing Recovered Steel, Aluminum, Fiber, Rubber, Plastic or Plastic Composites, or Cement

Part D - Transportation Products

D-1   Temporary Traffic Control Devices
D-2   Parking Stops Made from Concrete or Containing Recovered Plastic or Rubber
D-3   Channelizers, Delineators, and Flexible Delineators Containing Recovered Plastic, Rubber, or Steel

Part E - Park and Recreation Products

E-1   Playground Surfaces and Running Tracks
E-2   Plastic Fencing Containing Recovered Plastic for Specified Uses
E-3   Picnic Tables and Park Benches Containing Recovered Steel, Aluminum, or Plastic
E-4   Playground Equipment

Part F - Landscaping Products

F-1   Hydraulic Mulch
F-2   Compost Made From Yard Trimmings and/or Food Waste
F-3   Garden and Soaker Hoses Containing Recovered Plastic or Rubber
F-4   Lawn and Garden Edging Containing Recovered Plastic or Rubber
F-5   Plastic Lumber Landscaping Timbers and Posts Containing Recovered Materials

Part G - Non­Paper Office Products

G-1   Office Recycling Containers and Office Waste Receptacles
G-2   Desktop Accessories
G-3   Toner Cartridges
G-4   Binders
G-5   Plastic Trash Bags
G-6   Printer Ribbons
G-7   Plastic Envelopes
G-8   Solid Plastic Binders, Plastic Clipboards, Plastic File Folders, Plastic Clip Portfolios, and Plastic Presentation Folders Containing Recovered Plastic
* G-9   Office Furniture Containing Recovered Steel, Aluminum, Wood, Agricultural Fiber, or Plastic

Part H - Miscellaneous Products

H-1   Pallets Containing Recovered Wood, Plastic, or Paperboard
H-2   Sorbents
H-3   Industrial Drums Containing Recovered Steel, Plastic, and Paper
H-4   Awards and Plaques Containing Recovered Glass, Wood, Paper, or Plastic
H-5   Mats Containing Recovered Rubber and/or Plastic
H-6   Manual­Grade Strapping Containing Recovered Steel and Plastic
H-7   Signage
* H-8   Bike racks Containing Recovered Steel or Plastic
* H-9   Blasting Grit Containing Recovered Steel, Coal and Metal Slag, Bottom Ash, Glass, Plastic, Fused Alumina Oxide, or Walnut Shells

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