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U.S. Geological Survey Instructional Memorandum

No. OAFA 98-001

Date: February 27, 1998

Subject: Procurement Specifications SM 402.5

1. Purpose. The purpose of this Instructional Memorandum (IM) is to provide updated information on items designated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for procurement with recovered or recycled material content.

2. Background. Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, EPA is responsible for designating items which can be procured with recycled content and for issuing Guidelines establishing specific recommendations for minimum recycled content for these items. When procuring designated items, agencies must require compliance with the EPA content recommendation, or justify why not. An updated listing of items for which such standards have been established is attached. The recently added items are designated by *.

3. Action.

Appendices A and B to SM 402.5 are hereby removed. A current version of EPA's Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines can be found at:

4. Cancellation. The interim update provided by this IM will remain in effect until a revision to SM 402.5 incorporating this information is issued.

John K. Peterson

Chief, Office of Acquisition and Federal Assistance


IM OAFA 98-001

EPA Designated Items

Part A--Paper and Paper Products
Newsprint High grade bleached printing and writing paper
Tissue products
Unbleached packaging (corrugated boxes, fiber boxes, brown papers (e.g., bags))
Recycled paperboard

Part B--Vehicular Products
B-1--Lubricating Oil
B-2--Retread Tires
B-3--Engine Coolants

Part C--Construction Products
C-1.--Building Insulation
C-2--Structural Fiberboard and Laminated Paperboard
C-3--Cement and Concrete
C-5--Floor Tiles and Patio Blocks Containing Recovered Plastic or Rubber
* C-6--Shower and Restroom Dividers/Partitions Containing Recovered Plastic or Steel
* C-7--Reprocessed and Consolidated Latex Paints for Specified Uses

Part D--Transportation Products
D-1--Temporary Traffic Control Devices
* D-2--Parking Stops Made from Concrete or Containing Recovered Plastic or Rubber
* D-3--Channelizers, Delineators, and Flexible Delineators Containing Recovered Plastic, Rubber, or Steel

Part E--Park and Recreation Products
E-1--Playground Surfaces and Running Tracks
* E-2--Plastic Fencing Containing Recovered Plastic for Specified Uses

Part F--Landscaping Products
F-1--Hydraulic Mulch
F-2--Yard Trimmings Compost
* F-3--Garden and Soaker Hoses Containing Recovered Plastic or Rubber
* F-4--Lawn and Garden Edging Containing Recovered Plastic or Rubber

Part G--Non-Paper Office Products
G-1--Office Recycling Containers and Office Waste Receptacles
G-2--Desktop Accessories
G-3--Toner Cartridges
G-5--Plastic Trash Bags
* G-6--Printer Ribbons
* G-7--Plastic Envelopes

Part H--Miscellaneous Products
* H-1--Pallets Containing Recovered Wood, Plastic, or Paperboard

* Indicates item added by Nov 1997 notice.

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