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U.S. Geological Survey Manual

U.S. Geological Survey Manual

No.: OOP-08-001

Issuance Date: November 23, 2007

Expiration Date: November 22, 2008

Subject: Competitive Area – Office of the Water Quality including the Office of the National Water Quality Assessment

Instruction:  Archived Instructional Memorandum OOP-08-001 – Expired.

1. Purpose. The purpose of this Instructional Memorandum (IM) is to document the competitive area for the Office of Water Quality including the Office of the National Water Quality Assessment.

2. Background. The U.S. Geological Survey is undergoing a realignment of organizations. Competitive areas throughout the bureau will be redefined in the near future, however, this competitive area is being revised at this time in support of pending management decisions.

3. Responsibilities. The Office of Human Resources is responsible for coordinating the establishment of revised competitive areas to accommodate USGS management requirements.

4. Cancellation. Competitive Areas are subject to periodic revision. This IM will remain in effect until November 29, 2008 or until superseded by a revision.

5. Prescribed Competitive Areas. Area 1705 Local Commuting Area – All positions reporting to and including the Office of Water Quality including the Office of National Water Quality Assessment.


S. Kaye Cook
Chief, Office of Human Resources


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