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U.S. Geological Survey Manual

U.S. Geological Survey Manual

U.S. Geological Survey Instructional Memorandum

No. OFM 97-07

Date: May 16, 1997

Date Archived:  February 2009

Subject: Wire Transfer Receipts

Reference: SM 338.4 IM replaced by IM APS 2009-05

1. Purpose. The purpose of this Instructional Memorandum (IM) is to define the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) policy and procedure regarding funds that are wire transferred to the USGS for payment of reimbursable agreements and all other debts, except payments for National Mapping Division (NMD) map and product sales. Wire transfer payments to NMD sites by customers purchasing maps or other products are to be made in accordance with NMD's "Mode of Payment" instruction provided to all credit sales customers.

2. Background. Survey Manual chapter 338.4 prescribes procedures for the collection and deposit of funds received by the USGS. The attached Treasury guidelines detail the requirements for wire transferring funds to Federal agencies.

3. Policy. It is the policy of the USGS to accept wire transfer payments from USGS customers in accordance with Treasury guidelines. The use of wire transfers is the preferred method of receiving payments from foreign customers.

4. Definitions.

5. Responsibilities.

6. Procedures. Funds transferred to the USGS are to be sent by the Customer Financial Institution to the Federal Reserve Bank. Upon receipt, the Federal Reserve Bank transfers the funds via Treasury's Fedwire Deposit System for credit to the USGS. Treasury provides OFM with a Deposit Ticket record of the wire transfer.

Guidance for wire transferring funds and the format to be used to process transfers are included in Attachments #1 and #2. These instructions are self-explanatory and can be provided to customers who are providing funds to the USGS through wire transfer. Listed below is additional information regarding the data required in the attachments.

7. Accounting. Wire receipts will be recorded against the appropriate bill number or agreement by OFM. Receipts will be processed in FFS as an "CR" transaction and will be listed in the current month's detail on FFS Report #289A under the appropriate Vendor_Code and agreement number. Questions regarding wire transfers should be directed to OFM, Accounts Receivable Branch.

8. Effective Date. This IM is effective upon date of issuance.

9. Cancellation Date. This IM will remain in effect until superseded or canceled.

Timothy E. Calkins, Acting Chief
Office of Financial Management

Attachment 1: Guidance for Settlement by Wire Transfer
Attachment 2: Sample Format for Wire Transfer to U.S. Treasury

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