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U.S. Geological Survey Manual

U.S. Geological Survey Instructional Memorandum

No. OFM 97-04

Date: October 29, 1996

Archive Date:  December 2008

Subject: Changes to Imprest Fund and Third Party Draft Procedures

Reference:  IM and SM 335.2 are no longer needed.  Imprest fund has been eliminated.  Convenience checks are now authorized.

Reference: SM 335.2

As part of a continuing effort to streamline procedures, the Office of Financial Management (OFM) is eliminating the requirement for use of two forms in the travel process. Effectively immediately, neither Form 9-3054, Certification Form for Third Party Draft Payment Information, nor the un-numbered Travel Advance Agent form are required when submitting travel vouchers and travel advance requests. Details are provided below:

Form 9-3054, Certification Form for Third Party Draft Payment
This form will no longer be required when a travel voucher is reimbursed by a Third Party Draft (TPD). The original purpose of this form was to alert the traveler that the voucher was being reimbursed without a prepayment audit, and was still subject to a post-payment audit which could result in a determination that the traveler had been overpaid. Rather than require travelers to individually and repeatedly sign this certification, this instructional memorandum serves as general notice to all U.S. Geological Survey travelers of their potential liability. Travelers should be aware that if they make use of fast pay provisions such as Third Party Draft, their vouchers are subject to post-payment audit and possible disallowance of claims, which may entail a refund of any overpayment to the government. If a post-payment audit reveals that an employee has been overpaid, Survey Manual 336.2.1, Billing Non-Federal Customers and Former and Current Employees, describes procedures to be used for collection of outstanding debts from employees.

Travel Advance Agent Form
This un-numbered form has been used by travelers to authorize another individual to pick up a cash travel advance for the traveler. Travelers are hereby notified that, in accordance with Comptroller General decisions B-204387, February 24, 1982; and B-200867, March 30, 1981, the traveler is responsible for any loss of the funds after payment by the imprest fund cashier even if the funds are lost or stolen while in the custody of an agent designated by the traveler. This responsibility exists whether the agent is designated in writing or not. Accordingly, there is no OFM requirement for a written designation.

Since the traveler's fiscal responsibilities are clearly outlined for both of these situations, it is not necessary to use either of the forms mentioned above. This information will be incorporated in the next revision of Survey Manual Chapter 335.2.

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