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U.S. Geological Survey Manual

U.S. Geological Survey Manual

U.S. Geological Survey Instructional Memorandum No.

OFM 93-02

Date: June 23, 1993

Subject: Electronic Funds Transfer Program

Reference: 340.12

This Instructional Memorandum establishes the procedures for the reimbursement of travel expenses through the use of the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) program. This program will enable travelers to receive their travel reimbursement directly to a designated Financial Institution within 24 hours from the time Treasury receives the daily disbursement tape.

The following procedures will apply to the use of the EFT Program within the U.S. Geological Survey:

A. The employees should obtain an SF-1199A (Direct Deposit Sign-up form) from the Personnel Office, a Financial Institution, or their Administrative Officer. Employees should complete Sections 1 and 2. In Section 1, for Type of Payment (F), please check "Other" and indicate "Travel Reimbursement."

B. The employees should take the SF-1199A to the Financial Institution of their choice. The Financial Institution will complete Section 3 and certify the information. The Financial Institution should keep one copy and the employee will forward the original and a copy to:

U.S. Geological Survey

OFM Travel Management Branch

270 National Center

Reston, Virginia 22092

C. All travel payments will be paid through the EFT Program once the Travel Management Branch (TMB) has received the employees' SF-1199A. Any changes should be requested in writing and submitted to the TMB.

D. The travelers, or travelers' offices, will be able to identify the EFT payment in the Federal Financial System by referring to the Payment Voucher Header Table (PVHT). The address section of the table will reflect "Payment Made By EFT."

This program will be effective July 5, 1993.

This IM is canceled upon revision of Survey Manual Chapter 340.12.

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