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U.S. Geological Survey Manual

U.S. Geological Survey Instructional Memorandum

No. OFM 2003-04

Date: February 26, 2003

Date Archived:  December 2008

Subject: Billing Non-Federal Customers Electronic Form DI-1040

Reference: SM 336.1

Reference:  IM replaced by the Financial Operating Procedures Handbook, Chapter 17, Accounts Receivable Billing/Collections.

  1. Purpose. This memorandum prescribes procedures for billing non-Federal customers via the electronic version of the DI-1040, Bill for Collection. The electronic DI-1040 replaces the paper version of the form.

  2. Applicability. These procedures apply to all manually prepared U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) billings issued to non-Federal customers. Bills generated by the Federal Financial System (FFS) are excluded from this instruction.

  3. Responsibilities. Billing offices are responsible for providing complete and accurate billing data via the electronic version of the form and for initiating billings in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement/order. Completed DI-1040 bills include an electronic signature of the official submitting the bill for processing, thereby certifying the bill as accurate. Billing offices are also responsible for reviewing monthly FFS reports to ensure that DI-1040s submitted are posted to the appropriate agreement or account number, and for notifying the Office of Financial Management (OFM), Accounts Receivable Branch (ARB) when billing transactions are not posted correctly.

    The ARB is responsible for processing DI-1040 billings and maintaining the electronic DI-1040.

  4. Procedures and Instructions. After determining the amount(s) to be billed, billing offices will prepare a DI-1040. The data provided via the form must be accurate in order to pass edits programmed into the form and to be accepted by FFS. To create DI-1040 forms, the following instructions are provided:

    1. Use Internet Explorer to go to the USGS Business Applications Web site at: [suggestion: Bookmark this site];
    2. At the Login screen, type your Lotus ID and password and click Login;
    3. At the USGS Business Applications Web site, click on Go to Forms;
    4. At the USGS Business Process screen, find form DI-1040 and click Create;
    5. Instructions for completing the form are found by clicking the 1040 Instructions button near the top of the screen. Enter all data as indicated on the screen. Required fields are indicated by a red "v" and there are "?Help" buttons to provide additional information for several data elements.
    6. If the completed form is to be forwarded to a supervisor or Administrative Officer for approval, click the APPROVER button and select the person from the drop-down screen that appears.
    7. Click the CC Form To button and select the person from the drop-down screen that appears to forward an e-mail copy of the form to someone.
    8. Click the SUBMIT button to forward the form to the APPROVER, or to ARB for processing if no one is specified in the APPROVER field.
    9. The ARB will review all submitted forms, process them into FFS, and print a copy of each form for maintaining 'open' receivable files.

    If the preparer selected someone as the APPROVER, that person is responsible for forwarding the form to ARB for processing by clicking the SUBMIT button.

    After forms are submitted, preparers must print a copy of the form for mailing to the customer and retain a copy for their records. Preparers must also ensure that required back- up documentation supporting the billing is forwarded to the customer as required in the agreement or customer's order.

  5. Effective Date. Effective March 17, 2003, manually prepared billings issued to non-Federal customers will be accomplished using the electronic version of the DI-1040. The paper version of the form will no longer be accepted.

Questions regarding the electronic DI-1040 can be directed to Bruce Wood in OFM on 703-648-7665 or e-mail at:

/s/ Carol F. Aton, Chief
Office of Administrative Policy and Services

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