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No. OFM 2001-03

Date: August 3, 2001

Date Archived:  December 2008

Subject: Review of Unliquidated Obligations

Reference:  IM replaced by the Financial Operating Procedures Handbook, Chapter 18, Section 1 Review of Undelivered Orders and Accruals (285) and Chapter 15, Section 5 Required Quarterly Review and Certification.

The past two fiscal years the Department of the Interior and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) received audit findings concerning invalid unliquidated obligation balances and inadequate year-end accruals. The Assistant Secretary - Policy, Management, and Budget recently issued a requirement to perform twice a year management reviews and acknowledgements of unliquidated obligation balances as a means of addressing these issues. Instructional Memorandum (IM) 2000-06 is hereby amended to incorporate the additional requirement for this written acknowledgement in paragraph 3 Policy. The IM provides detailed information to assist in the review process.

The USGS will implement this requirement with management reviews of unliquidated obligations as of June 30, 2001, and August 31, 2001, data. The FFS Report AStatus of Open Documents@ (report ID GR285) is the basis for these reviews. Particular emphasis should be focused on obligations where there has been no activity for over a year and those that remain outstanding from prior fiscal years.

Each cost center manager must acknowledge completion of their review by submitting the following statement to their respective Associate or Regional Director through their servicing Fiscal Services office.

"I have reviewed all unliquidated obligations as of __(date)______, and only valid unliquidated obligations remain."

Completion of the review for the June 30, 2001, data must be acknowledged by August 15, 2001; and the review for the August 31, 2001, data must be acknowledged by September 28, 2001. The Fiscal Services offices must forward completed cost center acknowledgements to the Office of Financial Management within 3 working days.

Please contact Brenda Fulk at (703) 648-7654 or if you have any questions concerning this instructional memorandum.

/s/ John J. Blickley, Chief
Office of Financial Management

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