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U.S. Geological Survey Manual

U.S. Geological Survey Manual

U.S. Geological Survey Instructional Memorandum

No.: APS 2006-05

Issuance Date: June 29, 2006

Archive Date:  July 30, 2009

Expiration Date: This IM is effective immediately.  It will remain in effect until its provisions are converted to the Survey Manual, or until it is amended, superseded or revoked, whichever comes first. 

Subject: Policy for Advance Payment of Training Expenses

Instructions:  IM is being rescinded.  The policy was written at a time when the USGS had annual appropriations.  Now that the USGS has 2-year funding, there is no restriction on what can be charged in the second year of the 2-year funds, just when it should be spent.  Cost centers can either use the second year of the 2-year funding to advance pay for training scheduled during the first quarter of the new fiscal year or obligate the cost in the first year of the 2-year funding.

Reference: The Office of Personnel Management Training Handbook, Legal References by Subject Area, Expenses Related to Training, Advance Payment of Expenses

Purpose:  To communicate the option to use current year dollars to advance pay for training.
Policy:  USGS offices have the option to use current fiscal year funds to advance pay for training when the need is identified in the current fiscal year and the training could not be scheduled until the following fiscal year.  If this occurs, training must be completed no later than January 31 of the following fiscal year.

Training tends to be nonseverable.  Thus, where a training obligation is incurred in one fiscal year, the entire cost is chargeable to that year regardless of the fact that performance may extend into the following year. 

Offices interested in this option must review the website referenced above.  Advance payment of training is authorized regardless of who provides the training.

For USGS course offerings the Office of Employee Development’s (OED) FY 2007 training and tuition rates can be located at  This website is updated as courses are scheduled. 

All training courses must be taken by January 31of the following year. 

To use the authority you must prepare an SF 182 Training form referencing the current fiscal year account.  The SF 182 must be routed and approved through normal channels.

Karen D. Baker  /s/ Karen D. Baker
Associate Director for Administrative Policy and Services

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