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U.S. Geological Survey Manual

U.S. Geological Survey Manual

No: APS 2004-02

Issuance Date: December 2, 2003

Expiration Date: September 30, 2004

Archive Date: October 24, 2008

Subject: Entering Agreements in the Budget and Science Information System Plus (BASIS+)

Reference: This IM has been replaced by the Financial Operating Procedures Handbook Chapter 11 Setting up Agreements in BASIS+.

Instructions: This instructional memorandum (IM) replaces OFS 2002-008, APS 2003-03, APS 2003-05, and APS 2003-10 with updated requirements and procedures for
fiscal year 2004.

Purpose: The purpose of this Instructional Memorandum is to provide procedures for entering funding agreements into BASIS+ and then into Federal Financial System (FFS). Refer to the attached matrix for detailed instructions by agreement type/fund code.

Scope: Information directly related to agreements is included in Chapter 2 “Projects, Accounts and Agreements” of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Business Practices handbook, available at All employees entering master agreements and/or agreement allocations in BASIS+ should become thoroughly familiar with the information contained in this memorandum and Chapter 2 of the Business Practices handbook.

A master agreement represents the total funding available for a specific reimbursable or direct customer. For reimbursable customers, a master agreement is a legal document stipulating the work to be accomplished between the USGS and the customer. For direct customers, a master agreement is established in the amount of direct/appropriated funds allocated to a specific region or allocation organization. A master agreement includes one or more agreement allocations.

An agreement allocation is a further delegation of funds from the allocation organization to one or more cost centers. Agreement allocations in BASIS+ correspond to funding agreements in FFS.

Fiscal year funding details represent the portion or amount of the agreement for a given budget fiscal year.

Update fund source refers to the process of linking the FY funding detail to a specific account in BASIS+/FFS.

Entering funding into BASIS+ is a four step process; completing the Master Agreement screen, the Agreement Allocation screen (once for each cost center receiving funds from the agreement), and the FY Funding Details screen (once for each Agreement Allocation for the FY(s) in which funding is being sent to FFS). The fourth step, Update Fund Source, is required to link the FY funding detail accounts to the agreement in BASIS+/FFS.

The "New Master Agreement" screen is found on the main Navigation Menu under Cost Center Management, Agreement Maintenance.

The “Agreement Allocation” screen is accessed by clicking on Agreement Allocations at the top of the Update Master Agreement screen.

The “FY Funding Detail” screen is accessed from the Update Agreement Allocation screen. From this screen, click on FY Funding Details.

The “Update Fund Sources” screen is accessed by clicking on Cost Center Management, Account Maintenance, then Search Accounts. Enter the account number or cost center of the account you wish to access and click Find. From the Account screen, click on Fund Sources.

The Agreement Modification screen is accessed by clicking on Agreement Modification at the top of the Update Master Agreement screen. This screen is used to edit funding amounts, status, or performance dates for the Master Agreement (identified as modification number 0), or to enter a new agreement modification.

Note: When possible, the help information has been taken directly from the BASIS+ "Help" located in the top right corner of each screen.

(Signed) Carol F. Aten

Carol F. Aten
Chief, Administrative Policy and Services


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