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No.: APS 2006-02

Issuance Date: 11/08/2005

Expiration Date: Retain Until Superseded

Subject: BASIS+ Request Form and Tracking System

1. Background: This new form will be used to submit all requests for assistance with the use of BASIS+ and suggestions for system enhancements, in place of sending email to GS-PLUS. The form was created under the guidance of the Configuration Management Committee and the Technical Review Board as a means to improve customer support and to allow users to track the progress of their suggestions.

2. BASIS+ Request Form and Tracking System is attached and is available in the USGS Survey Manual web site. The BASIS+ Request Form is accessed at the following url:

Hotlinks to the form are included on the BASIS+ main web page under the User Support section, and in the footer of each screen within the BASIS+ application. You will need to supply your Lotus Notes Internet user name and password when entering the BASIS+ Request Form. If you need help resetting your Lotus Notes Internet password before using the BASIS+ Request Form, email the Lotus Notes help desk at GS Help Lotus ( When you login, you are presented with a screen on which you may enter a new request selecting from several categories, including Reset Password, Add Registration or Profile, Screen Error, Report Error, New Report, How To, etc. Depending on the category you select, you may be directed to additional pages to submit additional information about your request. Please see the Help page within the form for additional guidance on use of the form.

When you submit a request, you will receive an email acknowledgement; you will also receive email notification when the issue is completed. Emails for password resets will be encrypted for security purposes. Certain requests (registering a contractor to use BASIS+ or establishing new profiles for existing users) require identification of an approving official. Automatic email notification is sent to the approving official, who must enter the form and take action on the request before it is enacted.

Requests for enhancements will be routed through the Technical Review Board and Configuration Management Committee for review and action. You can return to your request using the link contained in your email acknowledgement of receipt to follow the progress of your enhancement request through this process.

________________________ Date November 8,2005
Carol Aten
Associate Director, Administrative Policy and Services

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