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No.: APS 2005-04 (Addendum to APS 2004-14 dated August 12, 2004)

Issuance Date: September 20, 2005

Subject: Special Policy Guidance Related to 2005 Hurricane Katrina Reference IM 2004-14;
Emergency Spending Related to Extreme Natural Hazard Events

Many U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) offices and employees have been involved in emergency assistance and response activities related to Hurricane Katrina. Because of the wide-ranging nature of involvement and complexity of funding sources, these guidelines supersede those contained in IM 2004-14, for this particular emergency event only.

It is extremely important that USGS has accurate and complete financial reporting to the Congress, Department of Interior, Office of Management and Budget, and those other Federal Agencies who will be reimbursing us for Hurricane Katrina work. Because of the nature and extent of cost that will be incurred to recover from this particular Hurricane, the Office of Inspector General will conduct an independent audit of all costs to ensure that all appropriate documentation and other supporting materials justify the expenditures.

When USGS organizations are called upon to participate in various activities related to events such as Katrina, it is possible that, ultimately, USGS will receive additional funding from the Congress to cover costs through an emergency supplemental appropriation and/or reimbursable funding. In the case of Katrina related costs, the Secretary of Interior has, under her authority, authorized amounts to be transferred from DOI bureaus with construction accounts to other DOI bureaus in need of additional funding for FY 05.

Listed below are the Project information and account structures to be used for Hurricane Katrina costs. For this event we will not be tracking by “Continuity of Service” or “Analysis of Risk” categories.

Each cost center with a role in responding to Hurricane Katrina should follow the instructions below for the different types of funding categories.

Emergency Spending without current supplemental appropriation:

The numbering scheme for work conducted without a current supplemental appropriation is as follows:

08300 Account – Katrina Mission
08301 Sub account
08302 Sub account

Emergency Spending Authorized by the Secretary of the Interior

The Secretary of the Interior, per authority granted to her, is redirecting $4 million from the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Construction Fund to the USGS’ annual appropriation (1450804). Once the money is received, it will be recorded in Fund Code SIRKD. If you are a cost center who has received written confirmation that you will be receiving a portion of this $4 million, the same Project number in BASIS+ can be used as described above but a new parent account number must be established according to the numbering scheme below. The funds will be allocated to each cost center through the normal allocation process from Headquarters.

The numbering scheme for the work with current supplemental appropriated funding is as described below:

08400 Account – Katrina supplemental
08401 Sub account
08402 Sub account

Emergency Spending under a Reimbursable Agreement (as a mission assignment or as an assignment under the National Emergency Plan’s Emergency Support Functions (ESF))

Note: Unless the bureau has received a specific Mission Assignment from FEMA or from a lead agency under the National Emergency Plan, the bureau will not be reimbursed for cost incurred to support Katrina related activities.

A single Project has been established in BASIS+ to capture Hurricane Katrina Reimbursable work. Each Mission Assignment from the Federal Emergency Management Service (FEMA) and Emergency Support Function’s (ESF) will be assigned a task number in BASIS+ as listed below.

Project Number established: 2159C93
Title: Hurricane Katrina – Reimbursable Mission Assignments
Task 1: GIS Analysis, NWRC
Task 2: RadarSat Imagery, EROS
Task 3: FEMA assistance, EROS

Note: In the account screen in BASIS+ use the IT/JPA code K01.

Fund code SIRAR or SIRMR are to be used for establishing the account fund code for reimbursable agreements. If you are a Biology cost center who receive two-year appropriated funding (SIRMD), then the appropriate reimbursable fund to be used for these funds is SIRMR. If you are a cost center other than Biology you must use SIRAR.

The numbering scheme for reimbursable work in support of Hurricane Katrina is as described below:

08500 Account – Katrina Reimbursable Mission
08501 Sub account
08502 Sub account

Billing information for Mission Assignments with FEMA can be located at the following web address: This web-site also can assist with finding the correct customer number and agency location code needed for billing.

The bureau has requested additional supplemental funding to support costs associated with Hurricane Katrina. In the event that these funds are authorized, those funds will be recorded to the Fund Code SIRKD and the procedures described under “Authorized by the Secretary” will apply.

If you have any questions regarding the policy and guidelines above, please contact your servicing Fiscal Services Chief.

________________________ Date September 20, 2005
Carol Aten
Associate Director, Administrative Policy and Services

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