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U.S. Geological Survey Manual

SM 445-2-H CHAPTER 34

Off-the-Job Safety And Health

Instruction: This chapter is revised to address organizational changes and update guidance.

1.  Purpose. To specify the minimum Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Program requirements for minimizing the occurrence of employee off-the-job injuries and illnesses.

2.  Authorities/References.

A.  Department Manual 485, Chapter 26 Off-the-Job Safety and Health.

3.  Requirements. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) requires on-the-job safety and health awareness to encourage employees to be safe off-the-job. Examples include the following:

A.  Educating employees through items/activities such as literature, safety meetings, publications, posters, and flyers.

B.  Conducting promotional campaigns, such as seat belt use, distracted driving, home fire prevention, holiday safety, and recreation safety.

C.  Encouraging employees to participate in health and fitness activities.

D.  Promoting off-the-job safety in annual safety month activities.

4.  Responsibilities.

A.  Director. Directs off-the-job awareness through the Designated Agency Safety and Health Official.

B.   Associate Directors and Regional Directors. Provide staff and funding support to ensure region, mission area, or office promotion of off-the-job awareness.

C.  Designated Agency Safety and Health Official. Exercises the authority of the Director to establish, develop, direct, and manage effective off-the-job awareness.

D.  Chief, Office of Management Services. Assigns off-the-job awareness responsibility to the OSH Program Manager for program management and administration.

E.  Occupational Safety and Health Program Manager.

(1)  Ensures the establishment, oversight, and assessment of off-the-job awareness.

(2)  Ensures the development of the off-the-job awareness policy and programs.

(3)  Provides guidance and assistance in implementing off-the-job awareness responsibilities to mission area, office, or regional managers and supervisors.

F.  Regional Safety Managers.

(1)  Ensure local implementation of off-the-job awareness.

(2)  Validate, through inspections and external audits that off-the-job awareness is promoted in accordance with policy.

(3)  Assist management and Collateral Duty Safety Program Coordinators in promoting off-the-job awareness.

G.  Science Center Directors, Cost Center Managers, and Project Chiefs. Ensure that off-the-job awareness is promoted.

H.  Collateral Duty Safety Program Coordinators. Assist managers and supervisors in the implementation of off-the-job awareness.

I.  Employees. Voluntarily participate in off-the-job awareness.

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