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SM 445-2-H CHAPTER 34

Off-the-Job Safety And Health

34.1  Purpose. To suggest Occupational Safety and Health Program (Program) elements for minimizing the occurrence of Department of the Interior (Department or DOI) and U.S. Geological Survey (Bureau or USGS) personnel injuries and illnesses off the job.

34.2  References. None.

34.3  Requirements. The USGS requires on-the-job safety and health activities to encourage personnel to be safe off-the-job. Examples of potential activities include the following:

A.  Educating personnel through items/activities such as literature, safety meetings, Bureau publications, posters, and flyers.

B.  Conducting promotional campaigns, such as seat belt use, fire prevention for the home, and recreation safety.

C.  Providing and/or encouraging personnel to participate in health/fitness activities.

D.  Promotion of off-the-job safety in annual USGS Safety Day activities.

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