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Appendix 27-2

Aviation Management Roles and Responsibilities

I.    Aviation Policy and Procedures.

A.    General Functions/(Responsible Party).

1.        Develop Department of the Interior(Department or DOI) aviation policy statements for issuance in the DepartmentManual (DM) by the Assistant Secretary, Policy, Management, and Budget (Office of Aviation Services (OAS)/Bureau).

2.        Develop and issue Department policy statements in Operational Procedures Memoranda (OPM’s) as temporary directives prior to release in DM (OAS/Bureau).

3.        Request changes in DOI policy statements(Bureau).

4.        Develop and implement Department aviation management procedures (OAS/Bureau).

5.        Execute Department and Bureau aviation policy and procedures (Bureau/OAS).

6.        Provide executive level Bureau involvement in the formulation of policy and the management aspects of aviation activities in the DepartmentAviation Management Board of Directors (ABOD).

7.        Review Bureau program requirements for managing aviation within the Department (ABOD/OAS).

8.        Review costs for aviation management and operations. Provide guidance to assure retention of priority functions within the Department and Bureaus (ABOD).

9.        Review interagency coordination requirements for Department aviation activities (ABOD).

10.        Review proposed aviation policies,procedures, and business management practices (ABOD).

11.        Assess the effectiveness of theDepartment aviation program to assure aviation and management oversight activities comply with and meet Department objectives and ABOD expectations.

B.    Specific Functions/(Responsible Party).

1.        Determine Department needs for policy statements (OAS/Bureau).

2.        Develop and implement policy via Department directives system (OAS/Bureau).

3.        Develop and implement policies and management procedures for determining whether aircraft and aircraft relatedequipment and facilities should be Government-owned, Government-operated, or procured commercially (OAS/Bureau).

4.        Develop Department-wide ADP management information systems which involve the financial management and/or costs accounting for or utilization of aircraft resources (OAS/Bureau).

5.        Coordinate and approve all inter-Bureauand inter-Department utilization of aircraft owned, operated, procured on behalf of Department Bureaus (OAS/Bureau).

6.        Conduct Department aircraft and equipmentresearch and development efforts or review and approve bureau aircraft andequipment research and development efforts (OAS/Bureau).

7.        Resolve airspace management policyissues affecting DOI programs and activities (OAS/Bureau).

8. Implement management and operational principles, concepts, andarrangements commensurate with

individual bureau involvement in specific interagency functions (ABOD/Bureau).

II.    Aviation Safety Program.

A     General Functions/(Responsible Party).

1.        Develop and implement a Departmentaviation safety program (OAS/Bureau).

2.        Establish and maintain a positive Bureau aviation safety program (OAS/Bureau).

3.        Assess risk and provide direction for implementation of policy and operational procedures to achieve and maintain an excellent level of safety in aviation activities (ABOD/OAS).

B.    SpecificFunctions.

1.        Develop and administer the Interior Aviation Mishap Information System (AMIS) (OAS/Bureau).

2.        Conduct DOI aircraft accident/incident investigations (OAS/Bureau).

3.        Develop criteria for and conduct aircraft accident prevention surveys (OAS/Bureau).

4.        Develop specific criteria for bureau safety surveys of unique mission operations and conduct aircraft accident prevention surveys (Bureau/OAS).

5.        Develop and implement Department Aircraft Accident Prevention Program (OAS/Bureau).

6.        Execute Department and Bureau Aircraft Accident Prevention Program (Bureau/OAS).

7.        Monitor Bureau Aircraft AccidentP revention Program (OAS/Bureau).

8.        Conduct aircraft accident prevention seminars(OAS/Bureau).

9.        Develop and administer a Department Aviation Safety Award Program (OAS/Bureau).

10.        Disseminate Department aviation safetypolicy and information (OAS/Bureau).

11.        Develop and implement Department Aviation Management Training Program (OAS/Bureau).

12.        Train and qualify Interagency Aviation Trainers (IAT) within the bureaus to meet required aviation safety trainingneeds (OAS/Bureau).

13.        Ensure adequate number of IAT’squalified to meet bureau aviation safety training needs (OAS).

III.   Department Owned/Operated Aircraft Program.

A.    General Functions/(Responsible Party).

1.        Establish policy and procedures to ensure operation and maintenance of aircraft to achieve maximum safety atminimum cost (OAS/Bureau).

2.        Operate and maintain aircraft to achieve maximum safety at minimum cost (OAS/Bureau).

 B.   Specific Functions.

1.        Establish criteria for DOI aircraft ownership or in-house operation of leased aircraft(OAS/Bureau).

2.        Approve DOI aircraft ownership or in-house operation of leased aircraft (OAS/Bureau).

3.        Establish pilot and crew requirements(OAS/Bureau).

4.        Establish standards and procedures foroperation and maintenance of DOI aircraft (OAS/Bureau).

5.        Flight check and qualify all DOI pilot crewmembers (OAS/Bureau).

6.        Inspect and approve all DOI-owned/operated aircraft and their supporting maintenance facilities (OAS).

7.        Establish decision criteria for theacquisition, replacement, and disposal of DOI-owned aircraft (OAS/Bureau).

8.        Approve the acquisition, replacement,and disposal of Department owned aircraft (OAS/Bureau).

9.        Assign aircraft to bureaus for their exclusive use (Form OAS-93) (OAS).

10.        Operate aircraft (Bureau/OAS).

11.        Maintain DOI owned/operated aircraft(OAS/Bureau).

12.        Perform the financial management of all DOI aircraft (OAS/Bureau).

13.        Contract for aircraft maintenance and service (OAS/Bureau).

14.        Administer aircraft maintenance and service contracts (OAS/Bureau).

15.        Report unsafe and inefficient aircraft operations, conditions and situations to OAS Director (Bureau/OAS).

IV.   Contract Aircraft Program

A.    GeneralFunctions/(Responsible Party).

1.        Procureaircraft and aircraft services by contract (OAS).

2.        Manageand control contract aircraft (Bureau/OAS).

B.    Specific Functions/(Responsible Party).

1.        Prepare and submit program requirements to OAS (Bureau).

2.        Review requirements and determine most appropriate terms and conditions of contracts (OAS/Bureau).

3.        Prepare solicitations (OAS).

4.        Review solicitations (Bureau/OAS).

5.        Approve, issue, and open solicitations (OAS).

6.        Review offers and make preaward evaluations (OAS/Bureau).

7.        Award contracts and handle protests (OAS).

8.        Perform acceptance inspections ofcontractor’s pilots and aircraft (OAS/Bureau).

9.         Manage contract aircraft (Bureau/OAS).

10.        Provide aircrew orientation for specific missions (Bureau/OAS).

11.        Control (dispatch) and assign contract aircraft within the scope of contracts (Bureau).

12.        Administer contract (OAS/Bureau).

a.                Report significant contract and operational problems to OAS (Bureau).

b.                Perform initial and periodic compliance inspections (OAS/Bureau).

c.                Perform aviation program evaluations (OAS/Bureau).

13.        Enforce mandatory DOI standards and procedures (OAS/Bureau).

14.        Mediate and/or adjudicate contractor-Bureau disputes (OAS/Bureau).

15.        Coordinate contract litigation(OAS/Bureau).

16.        Make contract payments (OAS/Bureau).

17.        Perform post-evaluation of aircrew proficiency and airmanship techniques (OAS/Bureau).

V.        Agreement/Rental Aircraft Program.

A.    GeneralFunctions/(Responsible Party).

1.        Procure aircraft services within open market procurement limitations (OAS/Bureau).

2.        Approve operators and perform flight scheduling when requested (OAS).

3.        Manage and control (dispatch) aircraft (Bureau/OAS).

B.    SpecificFunctions/(Responsible Party).

1.        Furnish anticipated special requirements to OAS (Bureau).

2.        Inspect and approve operators(OAS/Bureau).

3.        Issue qualification and data cards to pilots/aircraft meeting DOI standards for special-use activities (OAS).

4.        Schedule flights and dispatch aircrafton bureau request (OAS).

5.        Make payment to operators (OAS/Bureau).

6.        Report any significant operational problems to OAS (Bureau).

7.        Enforce mandatory DOI standards and procedures (OAS/Bureau).

8.        Coordinate agreement litigation (OAS).

9.        Perform post-evaluations of operators and equipment (Bureau/OAS).

10.        Report to OAS all Bureau flight activity not processed through the OAS payment system.

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