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Appendix 27-1

DOI Aviation Management Board of Directors Charter

Verbatim from original source.

TheSecretary, Department of the Interior has mandated the objective to establishand assure a safe, efficient, and economical aviation program for theDepartment. Further, the Office of Aircraft Services is established to achievestandardization, maintain excellence in service, coordinate efficientutilization, and provide for high achievement in safety. As cited in 112 DM 12,“The Office [of Aircraft Services] is responsible for Department-wide functionsrelated to aircraft services and facilities. The Office is a unit of the Officeof the Secretary and is headed by a Director who is responsible to theAssistant Secretary - Policy, Management and Budget, and reports within thestructure of that office. The Office was established effective July 1, 1973, byDepartmental Manual Release No. 1549 issued by the Secretary of the Interior onJune 20, 1973, under authority granted in Reorganization Plan No. 3 of 1950.”

I. Purpose:

Thepurpose of the Aviation Management Board of Directors is to provide executivelevel bureau involvement in the formulation of policy and the managementaspects of aviation activities in the Department. The intent of the Board is toassure bureau/office oversight to achieve aviation services and managementcommensurate with mission requirements.

II. Authority:

TheAviation Management Board of Directors is hereby established by authority ofthe Secretary of the Interior through this charter. The Board will functionunder the general guidance of the Assistant Secretary - Policy, Management and Budget.

III. Membership:

Members will be senior management officials and theyor their designated representatives will be able to speak for respectivebureaus/agencies during meetings where commitments to recommendations arerequired. Board members will have appropriate bureau/agency authority toprovide management oversight for aviation commensurate with mission needs,funding capacity, and operational capability. The Board will be comprised of one member from each bureau and the Office of Aircraft Services.

IV. Functions:

The Board will discharge its direction and findings through both the Office of Aircraft Services and internal bureau/agency line command. The responsibilitiesof the Board are to:

A. Annually review bureau programrequirements for managing aviation within the Department. Specifically, assessrisk and provide direction for implementation of policy and operationalprocedures to achieve and maintain an excellent level of safety in aviation activities.

B. Review costs for aviation management andoperations. Provide guidance to assure retention of priority functions withinthe Department and bureaus.

C. Review interagency coordination requirements for Interioraviation activities and implement management and operational principles,concepts, and arrangements commensurate with individual bureau involvement inspecific interagency functions.

D. Review proposed aviation policies, procedures, and business management practices. Arrange for bureau participation to achieve necessarychanges. Expedite efforts through the Office of Aircraft Services and bureauaviation program representatives and technical specialists.

E. Assign committees and task forces as needed. Related chairpersons may be appointed and will operate at the Board’s discretion. A standing working team comprised of the bureau aviation managers or their appointed representatives and the OAS Aviation Management Specialist will provide the routine staff work for the Board and will report to the Board Chair.

F. Annually assess the effectiveness of the Departmental aviation program to assure aviation and management oversight activities comply with and meet Departmental objectives and Board expectations.

V. Organization and Structure:

A. The initial Board Chair will be elected by the membership andwill serve for a period of one year. The Chair will be responsible forconducting business meetings, establishing and overseeing the activities of working teams and task forces as necessary to conduct   Board business. The Chair will have authority to appoint otherBoard members as Board liaisons to such teams to assure Board managerialrepresentation is available to teams and task forces when necessary.

B. The Vice Chair will be elected by the membership and will serve with full Chair authority in the absence of the Board Chair.  The Vice Chair will succeed to the Chair the second year. If the Vice Chair is unavailable for succession, anew Chair will be elected by the membership.

C. The Office of Aircraft Services will provide administrative and technical support to the Chair and  will provide executive secretary service for meeting minutes, official files, and meeting arrangements.

D. The Board will establish annual priority goals which will serve as functional guidance for Departmental aviation activities.

VI. Meetings and Reports:

The Board will establish times and develop the reports necessary to conductbusiness and evaluate overall Board performance and achievement of Board decisions.However, the Board will meet no less than once each year on a scheduledetermined by the Board.

VII. Salary, Travel, and Incidental Costs:

Normal costs incurred by Board members and working groups/task forces will be borne byrelated agencies.  Extraordinaryexpenses must be pre-approved and covered by a written agreement.

VIII. Effective Date: This charterbecomes effective when signed by the Secretary of the Interior and may berevised by Board majority vote with approval of the Secretary.

IX. Approved: /s/Bruce Babbitt Date: March 13, 1996

Secretary, United States Department of the Interior Updated by the Assistant Secretary - Policy, Management and Budget.

Date: March 27, 1998

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