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U.S. Geological Survey Manual

Appendix 26-1

Suggested Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Operations/Tasks

TaskType of Personal Protective Equipment
Air-boat operations Hearing protection for both the passenger and the operator.
Animal and plant health inspection service duties Gloves, dust mask.
Blasting Hardhat, eye and hearing protection.
Brushcutting (ax, brushhook) Hardhat, shinguards, safety boots, eye protection.
Brushcutting (chainsaw 90 dbA +) Chaps, hardhat, eye and hearing protection, safety boots.
Brushcutting (circular saw, 90 dbA + ) Hardhat, eye and hearing protection, safety boots.
Chemicals, use ofEye protection, respirators, rubber aprons, rubber gloves, protective cream face shield, portable eye wash as required.
Concrete and masonry work Hardhat, gloves, eye protection, respirator for cement and lime dust, safety boots.
Cruising and surveyingHardhat (high visibility hardhat and vest during hunting season), eye protection, safety boots.
DemolitionHardhat, gloves, eye protection, safety boots.
ElectrofishingElectrician’s gloves, personal flotation device, polarized sunglasses.
ExcavationHardhat, safety boots, gloves.
FencingHardhat, gauntlet leather gloves or mittens, eye protection, safety boots.
Firefighting and prescribed burning Hardhat, fire-resistant shirts, fire shelter, eye protection, fire-resistant pants, gloves, hearing protection.
Fish food and grain storage bin unloading operationsStatic line, dust and fume respirator.
Girdling (“Little Beaver,” 90 dbA +)Hardhat, eye and hearing protection, safety boots, gloves.
GrindingEye protection, face or full shield, hearing protection, safety boots.
Hand-filing cutting tools, use ofGloves, eye protection.
Heavy equipment, motor graders, bulldozer operatorHardhat, hearing and eye protection, boots.
Heavy equipment assistant dutiesHardhat, high visibility vest, hearing protection.
Heavy equipment repair/maintenance operationsSafety boots, hearing and eye protection, gloves.
Intake raceway Foul weather gear, safety harness.
Lawn mowing (motorized)Hearing and eye protection, safety boots.
Planting (auger)Hardhat, hearing and eye protection, gloves, safety boots.
Planting (machine)Hardhat, eye protection, gloves, safety boots.
Raceway operations (inclement weather)Ice cleats.
Snow travel (machine)Safety sunglasses, face mask, protective helmet, snowsuit, snowmobile boots.
Trail maintenanceHardhat, gloves, eye protection, safety boots, snake boots where necessary.
Wastewater treatment plant operations involving chlorine gasSelf-contained breathing apparatus.
Water surveysPersonal flotation devices, felt sole boots or waders.
Weapons qualificationEye protection, hearing protection.
WeldingFlameproof gauntlet gloves, aprons, capes or shoulder covers, leather skull cap, welding goggles, steel-toed boots, fire-resistant clothing.

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