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U.S. Geological Survey Manual

Appendix 13-3

CDSPC Suggested Position Description Elements

Note: Department of the Interior (Department or DOI) and U.S. Geological Survey (Bureau or USGS).

A.  Purpose. To provide supervisors with a listing of common CDSPC responsibilities that would be appropriate for consideration and use as position description elements.

B. Suggested Collateral Duty Descriptions. Where appropriate, references to source standards or Departmental policy have been included:

(1) Advises management in the development and implementation of an effective safety and health program.

(2) Is familiar with and maintains a basic knowledge of OSHA, Departmental, and Bureau safety and health standards, regulations and policies.

(3) Applies the necessary skills to implement the basic elements or organizing, planning and managing an effective safety and health program at the local level. 

(4) Conducts formal and routine, or recurring, inspections as required under OSHA regulations and Department of the Interior policy and/or special initiatives (29 CFR 1960.25).

(5) Initiates appropriate actions to correct deficiencies, based on inspection findings.

(6) Assists the supervisor in assuring that all accidents/incidents are investigated and reported in accordance with Departmental policy.

(7) Initiates appropriate corrective actions within limits of responsibility and authority.

(8) Assists with the development and maintenance of work unit safety plans as required and appropriate at the local level.

(9) May serve as a member and/or advisor to the work unit safety committee.

(10) May serve as a member and/or advisor to Departmental, Bureau, regional, or local safety and health working groups.

(11) Conducts and/or coordinates safety and health training for work unit employees.

(12) Attends safety and health management and technical training as necessary to remain proficient in assigned CDSPC responsibilities, including bureau CDSPC certification/registration.

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