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U.S. Geological Survey Manual

Appendix 13-2

Collateral Duty Safety Program Coordinator (CDSPC) Suggested Training Resources

1.1 Recommended sources appropriate for CDSPC training and certification include, but are not limited to,

A. Department of the Interior, Safety and Health Training.

B. Exportable Collateral Duty Safety Program Coordinator Officer Course (CD-ROM-based).

C. Departmental Self Study Programs, as available.

D. Annual Departmental Safety and Occupational Health Seminar.

E. Watercraft Operator (and Instructor) Certification.

F. OSHA Training Institute and other OSHA approved training available through designated universities and community colleges.  See current catalog and training announcements made available from the OSHA Training Institute and local sources.  The Collateral Duty Course for Other Federal Agencies (Course #600) is recommended. Other government sources also provide excellent training opportunities such as those offered by the Office of Personnel Management, and courses offered by Departmental bureaus that have been developed for specific needs such as firefighting, electrofishing, blasting, heavy equipment operator training, firearms, and remote location survival.

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