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U.S. Geological Survey Manual

Appendix 43-2

Computer Workstation Checklist

Is the chair adjusted to ensure proper posture, such as knees and hips bent at 90 °?

Chair adjusted so feet flat on floor or footrest?

Chair adjusted so arms comfortably at sides with elbows at 90 °?

Straight wrists at keyboard?

Does chair adjust easily from the seated position?

Does chair have a padded seat that is adjustable for height and angle?

Does chair have an adjustable backrest?

Does the chair provide lumbar support?

Does chair have a stable (5 caster) base?

Is there sufficient space for knees and feet?

Are the height and tilt of the keyboard work surface adjustable?

Is the keyboard prevented from slipping when in use?

Is the mouse or pointing device at the same level as the keyboard?

Is there an adjustable document holder?

Are arm-rests provided where needed?

Is the screen clean and free of flickering?

Is the top line of the screen slightly below eye level?

Does the monitor have brightness and contrast controls?

Is the monitor 18-30 inches from the worker for viewing?

Is there sufficient lighting without causing glare and is the screen glare-free?

Does keying require minimal force?

Are high stroke rates avoided?

Are employees trained in proper postures, work methods?

Are adequate rest breaks provided for task demands ?

Are employees trained in proper work methods?

Do the employees know how to adjust their workstations?

Do employees know how to report symptoms that might be workstation related?

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