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Appendix 31-4

Motorboat Operator Refresher Training (MOICC or MOCC)

Note: Department of the Interior (Department or DOI) and U.S. Geological Survey (Bureau or USGS).

1.  Course Description. Refresher training is directed at currently certified motorboat operators. It provides updated information related to watercraft operations and helps ensure proficiency. The refresher training includes two elements, a classroom element that assesses the operatorís knowledge of boating safety, and a proficiency element that assesses the operatorís practical skill and abilities to operate a motorboat.

2.  Course Objectives. The refresher training is intended to provide motorboat operators with updated information on new equipment, trends, and techniques in watercraft operation. Additionally, it provides a check of the operatorís skills, to ensure that individuals are able to safely operate motorboats in their expected work environment.

3.  Course Length. Up to 8+ hours (depending on the eligible educational option selected). Additional time may be included to address specific agency operational needs.

4.  Content. The refresher training includes the review and update of the subject areas identified in 485 DM 22, Appendix B or USGS Chapter 22, Appendix 22-2 and CPR/First Aid initial and/or refresher training.

5.  Options. The student must complete an educational element (including the respective examination), and demonstrate practical skill, as listed below. Supervisors shall assess the operators previous experience level and determine the appropriate level of instruction and proficiency necessary. The attachment can be used to assist supervisors in making that determination in addition to being the formal means to document re-certification. Should a question arise regarding the appropriate level of instruction and/or proficiency necessary, the Bureau Watercraft Safety Program Manager may also be consulted for a final determination.

A. Education.

(1)  Computer internet course with a passing score of 70%.† Proof of examination required.† Acceptable Internet courses such as those found at the following addresses:

(2)  Completion of the USCGAux or U.S. Power Squadron course with a passing score of 70%.† Proof of examination required. Refer to:

(3)  Completion of State Boating Safety Course with a passing score of 70%.† Proof of examination required.

(4)  Completion of an acceptable Video/CD course with a passing score of 70%. Proof of examination required. Student must identify which Video/CD course is to be taken prior to starting and receive approval from the BWSPM with concurrence from the BSM.

(5)  Retaking and passing the USDOI Motorboat Operator Certification Course (MOCC) with a 70% grade.

(6)  Successful completion of the USDOI Motorboat Operator Instructor Certification Course (MOICC).

B. Practical Proficiency.

(1)  Demonstration of competent and safe motorboat operational techniques since completing the MOCC. This may be selected if the individual operates boats regularly as a normal part of his/her job.

(2)  Hands-on demonstration of boating exercises in the presence of an instructor (DOI certified). This should be selected if individual operates boats occasionally as a normal part of his/her job.

(3)  Retaking the MOCC. This should be selected if the individual has not operated boats on a regular or occasional basis as a normal part of his/her job and needs to maintain operator certification.

(4)  Successful completion of the MOICC.

6.  Documentation. Each Bureau will utilize established procedures (i.e., SF-182) to maintain records of operator certification and a process to ensure certification is recorded and updated. Operator re-certification/examination and proficiency records, will also be documented using the attachment. The subject form shall be maintained at the local level, with a copy forwarded to the BSM through the BWSPM.† Upon receipt, the BWSPM shall issue formal certificate(s) of training/proficiency completion to the individual operator(s). The BSM shall ensure certification records are entered into a master database accessible by the safety community until which time a web-based product is developed which allows initial local input of certification data with regional and Bureau review.

7.  Instructor Certification. DOI instructors will retain their certification by:

Instructors wishing to serve as a lead for MOCC course(s) must maintain their skills by participating in an MOCC/MOICC every three years. If the instructor has been inactive during a three-year period, he/she can conduct an MOCC with an active MOCC instructor and become recertified to lead an MOCC.

An active instructor list will be maintained and updated annually by the USGS BWSPC. The BWSPM shall annually provide active USGS instructor lists to the DOI National WSWG.

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