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Appendix 31-3

Motorboat Operator Certification Course (MOCC) Standards

1.  Course Description. The MOCC is a course targeted toward individuals whose jobs require them to operate watercraft for the Department of the Interior (Departmental or DOI) and U.S. Geological Survey (Bureau or USGS). It stresses the learning of specific motorboat handling techniques and knowledge through extensive hands-on practical exercises and instruction, with a minimum of classroom presentation.

2.  Course Objectives. The MOCC objectives are:

A.  Provide attendees with specific skills and knowledge needed to safely operate watercraft.

B.  Familiarize attendees with state-of-the-art watercraft safety equipment and other gear, through demonstration and actual use.

C.  Allow attendees to demonstrate, through written examination and physical demonstration, that they have adequate grasp of motorboat handling techniques and knowledge to safely operate a motorboat.

3.  Course Length. The MOCC will include at least 24 instructional hours. Course instructional hours may be increased to address specific Bureau operational needs.

4.  Minimum Subject Areas. The following mandatory subject areas will be presented in the MOCC.

A.  Agency watercraft policies.

B.  Required safety equipment.

C.  Motorboats and motorboat maintenance.

D.  Trailers and trailer maintenance.

E.  Navigation aids/rules of the road.

F.  Emergency operations.

G.  Fire suppression.

H.  Motorboat orientation/Marlinspike.

I.  Motorboat at-speed and low-speed maneuvering.

J.  Alongside maneuvering.

K.  Trailering.

L.  Towing.

5.  Other Standards.

A.  A maximum student/instructor ratio of 3:1 should be maintained to ensure that attendees obtain necessary operating techniques and knowledge.

B.  MOCC instructors will have successfully completed the Motorboat Operator Instructor Certification Course (MOICC). Instructors will participate in MOICC presentations at least once over any 3-year period to maintain proficiency.

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