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U.S. Geological Survey Manual

Appendix 31-A
Part 445-2-H Chapter 31

Retro Reflective Material for Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs)

1. Each PFD (excluding American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved) intended to be worn, and each buoyant vest carried onboard a vessel must have Type I retro reflective material that is approved under 46 CFR Part 164, Subpart 164.018.

2. Each PFD (excluding ANSI approved) is required to have at least 200 square centimeters (31 square inches) of retro reflective material attached to each of the front and back sides. If the item is reversible, at least 200 square centimeters of retro reflective material must be attached to each of its reversible sides. The retro reflective material attached on each side of the item must be divided equally between the upper quadrants of the side, and the material in each quadrant must be attached as closely as possible to the shoulder area of the item.

3. ANSI approved Type V auto-inflate PFDs and other ANSI approved PFDs must have ANSI-approved retro reflective material that conforms to ANSI 107, Class 3 reflective standards. In addition, the air bladder must be fluorescent yellow-green in color and also have retro reflective material attached, visible upon inflation.

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