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U.S. Geological Survey Manual

Appendix 27-6

SGS Aviation Activity Checklist

1.        Are employees familiar with Departmental Aviation Policy, DM 350-354, the Office of Aircraft Services (OAS) Operational Procedures Memorandums, OAS handbooks, Safety Alerts, Accident Prevention Bulletins, etc.?

2.        Are employees familiar with Chapter 15, Aviation Safety, of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS or Bureau) Occupational Hazards and Safety Procedures Handbook?

3.        Are employees, cooperative education students, volunteers, and other persons supervised by USGS employees aware that Departmental aviation policy is applicable to them, per 350 DM 1.1?

4.        Do station personnel know that the Bureau Aviation Manager and the Office of Aircraft Services (OAS) can be contacted through information contained in the USGS Safety homepage and OAS homepage?

5.        Has an aviation project plan been completed and filed with the Aviation Advisory Committee member in the area of operations?

6.        Are all aircraft services procured through the OAS, per 353 DM 1.2?

7.        Are employees familiar with all services provided by OAS?

8.        Are only official passengers permitted onboard USGS flights, per 350 DM 1.7?

9.        Is OAS approval obtained prior to flights on cooperator aircraft (military, other public agency, or affiliate) aircraft, per 351 DM 4?

10.      Are flights hours, including those on cooperator aircraft, reported to OAS in accordance with 350 DM 1.8?

11.      Have all persons who fly missions or supervise aviation activities under operational control of USGS received the required aviation user safety training?

12.      Prior to each mission, do personnel visually inspect the pilot qualification and aircraft data cards for current authorization by OAS to fly the mission, in accordance with 353 DM 2.5(B)(4)?

13.      Do pilots perform a preflight inspection of the aircraft and utilize a cockpit checklist prior to each time the aircraft is started, per 351 DM 1.1E?

14.      Is a passenger manifest completed, per 351 DM 1.5A?

15.      Do station personnel use personal protective equipment (fire-retardant clothing and gloves, aviator’s helmet, and leather boots extending above the ankle) on all special-use flights, per the OAS Aviation Life Support Equipment Handbook (ALSE)?

16.      Do station personnel use personal flotation devices on all over water flights conducted in single-engine aircraft, as stipulated in the ALSE Handbook?

17.      Is an aircraft weight and balance calculation performed before each flight, per 352 DM 1.9H?

18.      Are flight plans and flight following conducted in accordance with 351 DM 1.4?

19.      Per 351 DM 1.5B, is a crew and passenger safety briefing given prior to each flight encompassing the following?

a.  Enplaning/deplaning passengers

b.  Smoking policy

c.  Seat belt/shoulder harness

d.  Oxygen equipment

e.  Emergency locator transmitter

f.  Fire extinguisher

g.  First aid kit

h.  Emergency exits

i.  Gear and cargo security

j.  Survival equipment

k.  Fuel and electrical shut-off

20.      Is a flight risk assessment conducted and an informed GO/NO-GO decision made prior to each flight, per 352 DM 1.9(A)?

21.      Is hazardous material transported in accordance with the Interagency Aviation Transport of Hazardous Materials Handbook?

22.      Are all aircraft accidents or serious mishaps reported immediately to OAS at the 24-hour number, 1-888-4MISHAP, per 352 DM 6?

23.      Does your station have a current Aviation Mishap Response Plan, per the Aviation Mishap Notification, Investigation and Reporting Handbook?

24.      Does your station have current local area hazard maps for all areas to be flown at less than 500 feet above the surface, per 352 DM 1.9(D)(2)?

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