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Occupational Safety and Health Program Requirements Handbook

SM 445-2-H

Prepared by the Office of Administration, Office of Management Services, Occupational Safety and Health Management Branch

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Table of Contents


Handbook Concurrence

Chapter 1 Authority, Purpose, and Policy (9/14)

Chapter 2 Responsibilities (8/15)

Chapter 3 Annual Action Plans and Status Reports (9/15)

Chapter 4 Occupational Safety and Health Standards, Procedures, and Guidelines (8/15)

Chapter 5 Program Evaluations and Policy Self Assessments (9/15)

Chapter 6 Inspections and Abatement (9/14)

Chapter 7 Incident/Accident Reporting and Serious Accident Investigation (7/08)

Chapter 8 Employee Reports of Unsafe Conditions and Allegations of Reprisal (6/18)

Chapter 9 Occupational Safety and Health Councils, Committees, and Working Groups (12/16)

Chapter 10 Safety Management Awards (4/18)

Chapter 11 Staffing Safety and Health Positions (2/08)

Chapter 12 Professional Development (7/08)

Chapter 13 Collateral Duty Safety and Occupational Health Program Coordinator (2/08)

Chapter 14 Safety and Health Training (9/08)

Chapter 15 Job Hazard Analyses (5/17)

Chapter 16 Motor Vehicle Safety (7/15)

Chapter 17 Work Zone Safety (12/16)

Chapter 18 Industrial Hygiene – Respiratory Protection Program (10/01)

Chapter 19 Industrial Hygiene – Hearing Conservation Program (10/15)

Chapter 20 Industrial Hygiene – Hazard Communication Program (08/14)

Chapter 21 Industrial Hygiene – Laboratory Protection Program

Chapter 22 Industrial Hygiene – Formaldehyde Control Program (10/15)

Chapter 23 Occupational Medicine Program (8/16)

Chapter 24 Prevention of Zoonotic and Vector-Borne Diseases in the Field - Occupational Medicine – (6/16)

Chapter 25 Occupational Medicine - Bloodborne Pathogen Protection Program (2/10)

Chapter 26 Personal Protective Equipment (4/17)

Chapter 27 Aviation Safety (12/16)

Chapter 28 Underwater Diving Safety (10/15)

Chapter 29 Firearms Safety Program (8/16)

Chapter 30 Ionizing Radiation Safety (12/15)

Chapter 31 Watercraft Safety (9/16)

Chapter 32 (Reserved)

Chapter 33 Contractor Safety and Health (10/08)

Chapter 34 Off-The-Job Safety and Health (12/16)

Chapter 35 Public Safety and Health (12/16)

Chapter 36 Fire Safety (12/16)

Chapter 37 Lock Out/Tag Out Program (12/16)

Chapter 38 Blasting Safety (1/05)

Chapter 39 Wildlife Netting Safety (02/08)

Chapter 40 Confined Spaces (10/01)

Chapter 41 Cableway Safety (10/16)

Chapter 42 Electrofishing Safety (10/09)

Chapter 43 Ergonomics (8/02)

Chapter 44 Fall Protection (01/09)

Chapter 45 The Management of Occupational Heat Stress (04/14)

Chapter 46 Bear Spray Safety Program (02/09)

Chapter 47 Reserved

Chapter 48 Prevention of Cold Stress Injuries (8/14)

Chapter 49 Large Vessel Safety Program Management (11/15)

Chapter 50 Non-Ionizing Radiation (5/14)

Chapter 51 Industrial Hygiene (8/14)

Chapter 52 Youth Safety (8/15)

Chapter 53 (Reserved)

Chapter 54 Glossary of Terms and Acronyms (10/01)


Appendix 2-A, USGS Safety Program Poster (06/18)

Appendix 2-B, Cross-Office Safety and Health Responsibilities (08/15)

Appendix 3-1, Fiscal Year Safety and Environmental Management Action Plans

Appendix 3-2, FY Safety and Environmental Program Accomplishments

Appendix 6-A, Risk Assessment Code (RAC) Matrix for the Risk Assessment System (09/14)

Appendix 6-2, Hazard Elimination Log (Excel Spreadsheet)

Appendix 7-1, Serious Accident Investigation (07/08)

Appendix 7-2, Serious Accidents Related to Wildland and Prescribed Fire (07/08)

Appendix 7-3, Memorandum of Understanding between DOI and U.S. Dept of Agriculture (07/08)

Appendix 8-1, Form 9-3074, USGS Report of Unsafe or Unhealthful Condition (11/15) (MS Word)

Appendix 12-1, Mandatory Career Development Requirements for USGS Full-Time Safety and Health Personnel

Appendix 13-1, Collateral Duty Safety Program Coordinator Suggested Library and Reference Materials

Appendix 13-2, Collateral Duty Safety Program Coordinator (CDSPC) Suggested Training Resources

Appendix 13-3, CDSPC Suggested Position Description Elements

Appendix 14-1, Master Training Requirements (01/18)

Appendix 14-2, Safety Training for Water-Related Activities (09/08)

Appendix 16-A, Annual Motor Vehicle Operator’s Certification (11/09)

Appendix 16-B, Risk Management Worksheet (11/09)

Appendix 16-C Off-Road Vehicles Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services (11/09)

Appendix 16-D,Snowmobile Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services (11/09)

Appendix 16-E, Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist (11/09)

Appendix 16-F, New Vehicle Safety Checklist (11/09)

Appendix 18-1, Selection Guide for Respiratory Protection

Appendix 19-1, Sample Hearing Conservation Program (08/05)

Appendix 23-A OSHA Standards Requiring Medical Surveillance (8/16)

Appendix 24-A, Recommended Practices for Preventing Infectious Diseases in Field Work (08/16)

Appendix 24-B Declination of Vaccination Form (08/16) (MS Word Form)

Appendix 25-1, Hepatitis B Vaccination Information and Consent/Declination Forms (7/26/17)

Appendix 25-2, Exposure Incident Record for Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) Exposure (7/26/17)

Appendix 25-3, Health Care Provider Report of Postexposure Evaluation (7/26/17)

Appendix 25-4, Sample Exposure Control Plan for USGS Employees with Limited Potential For Exposure to BBP’s (7/26/17)

Appendix 25-5, Exposure Control Plan for Members of USGS Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Teams (7/26/17)

Appendix 26-1, Suggested Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Operations/Tasks

Appendix 27-1, DOI Aviation Management Board of Directors Charter

Appendix 27-2, Aviation Management Roles and Responsibilities

Appendix 27-3, Bureau Aviation Management Responsibilities Summary

Appendix 27-4, Aviation Management Abbreviations

Appendix 27-5, Aviation Management Definitions

Appendix 27-6, USGS Aviation Activity Checklist

Appendix 27-7, USGS Aviation Management Plan Template

Appendix 27-8, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Notification Requirements

Appendix 27-9, FAA Form 7460-1, Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration and Instructions For Completing (MS Word form)

Appendix 27-10, FAA Regional Office Addresses

Appendix 28-1, Underwater Diving Safety - Recordkeeping Requirements

Appendix 29-A, Certificate of Need for Issuance of a Firearm for Official Use (MS Word form)

Appendix 29-B, USGS Firearms Qualification Inquiry (MS Word form)

Appendix 29-C, USGS Minimum Firearms Training Standards for Contractors/Other Federal Agencies

Appendix 31-A, Retro Reflective Material for Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) (09/16)

Appendix 31-B, Motorboat Operator Instructor Certification Course (MOICC) Standards (09/16)

Appendix 31-C, Motorboat Operator Certification Course (MOCC) Standards (09/16)

Appendix 31-D, Motorboat Operator Refresher Training (MOICC or MOCC) (09/16)

Appendix 31-E, Airboat Operator Certification Course Standards (09/16)

Appendix 31-F, Nonmotorized Watercraft (09/16)

Appendix 36-1, National Fire Protection Association Compliance Inspection Checklist (MS Word form)

Appendix 39-1, Extractions from Title 27, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 55, Subpart K - Storage Requirements (02/08)

Appendix 39-2, Title 27, Code of Federal Regulations, Subpart K, Part 55.219 (Table of Distances for Storage of Low Explosives) (02/08)

Appendix 40-1, Confined Space Program for Stilling Wells (7/26/17)

Certification for Confined Space Program for Stilling Wells (MS Word form)

Appendix 41-1, Cableway Visual Inspection Checklist (02/08)

Appendix 41-2, Stream-Gaging Cableways, USGS-Inspection Checklist (02/08)

Appendix 41-3, Bank-Operated Cableways, USGS-Inspection Checklist (02/08)

Appendix 41-4, Example Load-Test Procedure (02/08)

Appendix 41-5, Annual Inspection Designations (02/08)

Appendix 42-1, USGS Electrofishing Considerations Checklist (MS Word form)

Appendix 43-1, Sample Local Ergonomics Standard Operating Procedures

Appendix 43-2, Computer Workstation Checklist

Appendix 43-3, Workstation Checklist

Appendix 43-4, Task Analysis Checklist

Appendix 43-5, Hand Tool Analysis Checklist

Appendix 44-1, Sample Fall Protection Program (01/09)

Appendix 44-2, Job Hazard Analysis (01/09)

Appendix 44-3, Hazard Control Options (01/09)

Appendix 44-4, Sample Fall Protection Plan (01/09)

Appendix 45-A, WBGT Index and Work-Rest/Water Intake Schedule (04/14)

Appendix 45-B, Heat Index Chart (04/14)

Appendix 45-C, Heat-Related Illnesses (04/14)

Appendix 46-1, USGS Bear Pepper Spray Training Standards

Appendix 46-2, Certificate of Need/Completion of Training for Use/Issuance of Bear Spray

Appendix 48-A, Wind Chill Temperature Index (9/14)

Appendix 48-B, Common Cold Stress Injuries, Symptoms, and Treatment (9/14)

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