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Economy Act, 405.7

Ecosystems, Office of the Associate Director 120.7

Editorial Review, 1100.2

Effective Date of Personnel Actions, 370.296.3

Electronic Mail, 431.3

Electronic Records, (see Records Management Program 431.1)

Electronic Transfers, 336.3

Emergency Planning and Operations, 1000.1; 308.26

Emergency Preparedness 308.26; 1000.1

Employee Claims for Official Business Expenditures, 335.4

Employee Clearance Procedures, 344.16

Employee Grievances, 205.16

Employee Orientation, 370.405.1

Employee Survey Program, 370.400.1

Employee Training, 370.410.1


     Ceilings, 370.312.2

     Details, 370.300.8

     Dual, 370.550.5

     Emergency, 342.3

     Members of Same Family, 370.338.2

     Overseas Agreement, 340.6

     Relatives, 370.338.2

     Volunteer Service, Acceptance of, 500.23

Environmental Differential, 370.550.10

Environmental Compliance, 515.1

Environmental and Disposal Liability Policy and Responsibilities, 515.2

Environmental Management, 515.4

Environmental Quality, Protection and Enhancement, 516.2


     Eye Protection (Prescription Goggles or Glasses), 402.13

     Office, Repair of, 403.2

     Radiocommunications, 313.13

     Telecommunications, 313.12

Erroneous Payments, Collection, and Employee Allowance, 205.10; 338.3; 338.7


     Contributions From and Collaborative Projects With Private Sources, 500.20

     Court Testimony and Release of Official Records, 450.2

     Industrial Research Associate Program, 500.21

     Political Activity, 370.733.1

     Review, Approval, and Release of Information Products 502.4

     Safeguard and Release of U.S. Geological Survey Information, 500.14

     USGS Ethics Committee, 308.54

Evaluation of Personnel Management, 370.275.1

Evaluation, Proposals, 401.8 was superceded by theĀ AOP topic

Excess Personal Property, Acquisition and Utilization of, 408.4

Excused Absences, 370.630.11

Executive Leadership Team (USGS), 308.75

Executive Order 12759, 402.5

Executive Order 12843, 402.5

Expenditures - Employee Claim for Official Business, 335.4

Extracurricular Activities, 500.13

Eyewear, Prescription Goggles or Glasses 402.13

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