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Damaged Shipment or Lost Articles, 410.5

Data Access, 500.24

Database Manager, 500.24

Death Cases

     Vendor or Contractor, Notice of, 342.1

Debts, Collection of, 338.4

Declaration of Value of Freight, 410.3

DMA/USGS Interagency Committee for Program Coordination, 308.36

Deferred Maintenance, 422.1

Delegations of Authority, 200.1

     Acceptance of Conveyance, 205.12

(moved from 220.5)

     Administrative Series, 205.11

     Advisory Committee Management, 205.17

     Budget and Financial Management, 205.10

     Certifying Officers, Designation of, 205.10

     Collection Officers, Designation of, 205.10

     Enter into Agreements and Accept Contributions, 205.13

     Erroneous Payments, Collection of, 205.10

     Imprest Funds, 205.10

     Time and Attendance, Employee Certification, 205.10

     Court Testimony, Authority to Approve, 205.9

Directives Management, 431.5

Disaster Assistance, 205.15

     Regional Emergency Preparedness Officers, 205.15

     Equal Employment Opportunity Officer, 205.16

     Federal Register Documents, 220.7

     Joint Funding Agreements, 205.13

     Long-distance Telephone Calls, Certification of, 205.5

     Official Personnel Folders, Authority to Release, 205.9; 450.2

     Personal Property Management, 205.3; 408.2

     Personnel Management, 205.1

       Jurisdiction of Personnel Offices, 205.1

     Procurement, 205.4

       Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs), 205.4

       Contracts, Grants and Cooperative Agreements, 205.4

       Interagency Agreements, 205.4

       Small Purchases, 205.4

       Warranted Contracting Officers, 205.4

     Real Property Management, 205.12; 427.1

       Acquisition of Space, 205.12

     Transfer and Disposal, 205.12

     Travel, 205.2; 340.1

     Special Delegations, 205.2

Delivery Delays, 403.15.4D

Deposits, 338.1 (also, see Collections and Deposits)

Details, Employee, 370.300.8

Details of Personnel Compensation, 370.531.1

Differentials and Allowances (also, see Pay)

     Foreign, 370.592.1

     Nonforeign, 370.591.1

DI Form 1940, ICAR, 403.2

Direct Deposit to Financial Institutions, 370.550.12; 345.1

Directives Management, 431.5

Disposal of Personal Property (Other than Vehicles) 205.3; 408.9

Disposal of Real Property, 427.1

Distinctive Items, Procurement of, 402.3.7


Domestic Memorandum of Understanding, 500.26

Dual Federal Employment, 370.550.5

Dues, Allotment of Pay for, 370.550.4

Duplicating and Office Copying Equipment, 314.3

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