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431.7 - Inventory of Recurring Reporting Requirements


OPR: Admin/Facilities and Management Services

1. Purpose. This chapter implements the provisions of 381 DM 7 and SM 431.6, Reports Management Program, for the Geological Survey (USGS) to maintain and publish an inventory of recurring reporting requirements.

2. Reports Inventory. Appendices A through D, described below, list recurring reports to which USGS officials must respond:

Appendix A - Internal Reports

(Reports required within the Geological Survey)

Appendix B - Departmental Reports

(Reports required within the Department of the Interior)

Appendix C - Interagency Reports

(Reports required by other governmental agencies)

Appendix D - Statutory and Other Reports to Congress

(Reports required by Public Law, Congressional Committee or a Member of Congress)

3. Exclusions. Excluded from the reporting requirements are reports of a one-time reporting occurrence, reports requested of a single respondent, and program operating reports such as requisitions, personnel actions, vouchers, routine accounting and budgeting activities.

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