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429.7 - Parking Management


OPR: Admin/Facilities and Management Services

1. Purpose. This chapter establishes policy for the management of parking facilities under the control of the Geological Survey. This chapter implements and supplements, where necessary, applicable Federal regulations.

2. Objectives. The objectives of this chapter are to provide a uniform standard which will:

A. Enable USGS to manage parking facilities to meet its official needs and benefit a maximum number of employees.

B. Facilitate traffic control.

C. Encourage the increased use of carpools among employees.

D. Promote a positive program for the effective use of energy and improve the quality of the air.

3. Authority.

A. 5 U.S.C. 552a, Privacy Act of 1974, as amended.

B. 41 CFR 101-20; Federal Property Management Regulation.

C. 310 DM 12.

4. Definitions.

A. Official Parking. "Official Parking" means parking spaces reserved for Government-owned, Government-leased, or any vehicle regularly used for Government business.

B. Handicapped Employee. Handicapped employee is defined as an employee so severely physically handicapped that the person's physical mobility is seriously affected.

C. General Employee Parking. General employee parking means the parking spaces assigned for the use of employee-owned vehicles.

D. Carpool. A carpool is defined as two or more people using a motor vehicle for transportation to and from work.

5. Policy. At facilities where it is necessary to allocate and assign parking spaces, priorities shall be as follows:

A. First priority shall be given to the assignment of parking spaces for official needs.

B. Remaining spaces shall be allocated in the categories for employee parking as indicated in paragraph 7, below.

6. Responsibilities. The Assistant Director for Administration is responsible for overall program development and management of the parking facilities program. The Chief, Office of Facilities and Management Services, is responsible for implementation of the program at the National Center; Regional Management Officers are responsible for implementation at their regional centers; local managers are responsible for implementation at all other locations.

7. General Procedures.

A. Categories of Employee Parking. Where spaces are assigned or reserved, spaces available for employee parking shall be allocated using the following priority:

(1) Severely handicapped employees. Justification based on medical opinion may be required.

(2) Executive personnel and persons who work unusual hours. Spaces in this category shall not exceed 10 percent of the total parking spaces available for assignment.

(3) Carpool and vanpool vehicles.

(4) Other privately-owned vehicles of employees, on a space-available basis.

B. Carpools. USGS and contractor employees applying for carpool parking must meet the following criteria:

(1) At least one member of the carpool must be a full-time employee at the USGS installation.

(2) Each carpool member must live more than one mile from the installation and must be a participant of the carpool for more than one mile from the installation.

(3) Where parking spaces are limited, carpools having the largest number of regular members will receive highest priority in assigning carpool parking, e.g., a carpool with six regular members shall be assigned parking before a carpool of five regular members. A regular member is one who rides to and from work on a daily basis.

C. Two-Wheel Vehicles. Within the general employee parking facility, areas will be designated for motorcycles and bicycles.

D. Review of Parking Spaces. The allocation of parking spaces available for employee parking will be reviewed annually by persons stated in paragraph 6, above. Changes to parking assignments will be made as required.

E. Control of Parking Spaces.

(1) Where parking permits are issued, the permit must be displayed in all vehicles except those authorized to use designated visitor or service spaces. A master listing of all parking assignments will be maintained at each USGS facility. At a minimum, such records shall contain the name, zip code, office phone number, and the USGS parking permit number assigned to each person using the installation's parking facilities.

(2) Where carpool parking permits are issued, it is the responsibility of each individual participating in a carpool to report any changes in his/her carpool membership to the appropriate parking control authority. If the original holder of a carpool parking permit no longer qualifies, the permit will be reassigned to a qualifying carpool applicant.

(3) In accordance with Departmental regulations, a mandatory penalty of at least 1 year suspension of parking privileges will be imposed for misrepresentation of a carpool membership or application qualifications, or for violation of any parking practices or requirements established by these regulations or other implementing instructions. Other penalties may be imposed as appropriate.

(4) Requests for waiver of the policy set forth in this chapter shall be made in writing, through appropriate channels, to the Assistant Director for Administration.

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