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410.4 - Transportation Assistance to Contracting Officers


OPR: Admin/Facilities and Management Services

1. Purpose. This chapter establishes the requirements for the provision of transportation assistance to Contracting Officers. 48 CFR, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 41.301-2, requires participation and assistance of transportation officers in the contracting process when the acquisition of supplies involves the application of transportation and traffic management considerations.

2. Policy. The Contracting Officer and the Transportation Officer will establish and maintain a high degree of coordination to assure that the transportation terms and conditions in procurement documents provide the required service at the most reasonable cost to the Government.

3. Responsibilities.

A. General. SM 410.1 and 404.1

B. Specific.

(1) The Contracting Officer, within the authority of SM 205.4, is responsible for entering into contracts and negotiations on behalf of USGS for the procurement of transportation services from commercial sources. Form DI-1 (Requisition) from the requester is the official authorization to expend funds for such services (SM 402.3 and 404.10).

(2) The Transportation Officer is responsible for providing the Contracting Office with the information and data for procurement of transportation services and other technical assistance or advice that may be required by the Contracting Officer in the explanation and justification of procurement planning.

4. Procurement Planning. The transportation costs should be given consideration by the Contracting Officer as part of the procurement process. The Contracting Officers should contact the Transportation Officer at the earliest possible time whenever such data are required.

5. Evaluation of Bids and Proposals. Procedures for evaluating Invitations for Bid (IFB) and Requests for Proposal (RFP) are contained in SM 404.1/.9. Contracting Officers will solicit advice of Transportation Officers on vital transportation and traffic management areas of consideration (packing of items, rates, pickup/delivery, transit time, and transit privileges). Furthermore, this coordination should achieve a clear understanding between the Government and the contractor regarding the requirements for packing, marking, loading, and shipping schedules.

6. Delivery Terms. (FAR 47.3)

A. When it is established that cost is not a prime factor, time is of the essence, destinations are known, it is an isolated transaction, and only less than truckload lots will be procured under a contract, bids should be solicited on a F.0.B. destination basis.

B. When it is established that only carload or truckload shipments will be made under a contract, bids generally should be solicited on both F.0.B. origin and F.0.B. destination basis. This will permit the Government to evaluate overall delivery costs and in many cases negotiate reduced rates for the Government.

C. Unless there are valid reasons to the contrary, bids for material ultimately destined beyond the continental limits of the United States should be solicited on the basis of delivery F.O.B. origin, regardless of the quantity being purchased. This method of procurement permits consolidation of small shipments to the same ports and foreign destinations and the opportunity to route shipments originating at various inland points, via the most economical ports. Proper and efficient routing of freight insures more economical freight costs and better service to the Government.

7. Transportation Services. Negotiations for changes in rates, rules and services are governed by procedures set forth in 49 CFR 101-40.305-3. When the total planned quantity of property to be shipped does not exceed 100,000 pounds per shipment or when the known aggregate of several shipments will not exceed 100,000 pounds, the USGS is authorized to initiate and negotiate freight rates and services.

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