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408.3 - Identification Clothing


OPR: Office of Management Services

1. Purpose. This chapter contains the policy, authorities, objectives, responsibilities, administrative guidance, specifications, and procedures for the procurement and wearing of officially authorized identification clothing.

2. Authorities. The following laws provide the authority for the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) to authorize the use of identification clothing by its employees.

A. U.S.C. Title 5, Sections 5901, 5902, and 5903 Uniform Allowance.

B. Department of the Interior's General Provisions, Section 105 of the Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriation Act.

3. Policy.

A. Identification clothing as described in 6. Identification Clothing Specifications, may be worn by employees while in an official duty status in specified instances including field work; participation in outreach activities, media interviews, and events; and such other instances where interaction occurs with the public.

B. Identification clothing prescribed by this chapter is for USGS employees only. Requirements for the identification of contract employees, whose work requires them to interact with other Executive Branch agencies, Congress and/or the public, are provided in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) 37.114(c). Requirements for the identification of volunteers assigned to duties that would normally require an employee to wear identification clothing or for the use of clothing items as honorary awards for volunteers may be obtained by contacting the Bureau Volunteer for Science Program Coordinator, Office of Personnel.

C. Divisions are authorized to issue supplemental guidelines regarding clothing allowances, replacement criteria, and authorized use. Implementation impact of this policy and any division supplemental instructions will be negotiated with applicable bargaining units.

D. The Government retains title to identification clothing after issue to employees. Responsibility for the care and use are assigned to the employee upon issue with the expectation that the employee will exercise reasonable care in the use of the clothing. In this manner, the clothing is treated as personal clothing and recovery of these items is not required.

E. To ensure standardization and consistency in styles, color, and quality, identification clothing will be obtained through the Reston Supply Service Center (RSSC), operated by the Office of Program Support (OPS). The RSSC is the sole source for this clothing.

F. Identification clothing expenditures will not exceed $400 per employee per year. Managers and supervisors determine the extent that funds are expended.

4. Objectives. The objectives of this clothing program are:

A. To provide for identification and better recognition of USGS employees.

B. To assure the highest possible degree of consistency and appearance in official clothing and field wear that will project a distinctive, professional image to the public.

C. To enhance employee pride in the organization.

D. To enhance authority and cooperation when representing the USGS in activities involving contact with the public, field work, etc.

E. To provide USGS employees with functional and durable clothing appropriate for assigned duties.

5. Responsibilities.

A. Chief, Office of Program Support establishes and oversees the Bureauwide clothing policy and the development of standards and procedures.

B. Division Managers and Supervisors are responsible for implementing Bureau policies and procedures concerning identification clothing.

C. Administrative Officers are responsible for providing guidance and assistance to offices and employees regarding the identification clothing program. The administrative officers managing the funding accounts for these purchases ensure compliance with the requirements set forth in 7. Accounting Requirements.

D. Office of Acquisition and Federal Assistance is responsible for selecting and executing the appropriate procurement vehicles for identification clothing, administering the resultant awards, and making acquisitions based on requisitions submitted by the RSSC.

E. Office of Financial Management, as part of its CFO responsibilities, reviews all aspects of this chapter and assures, to the Chief of OPS and the Office of the Director, that the Bureau is meeting the Comptroller General's standards relating to management controls.

F. Reston Supply Service Center (RSSC) serves as the supply point for USGS offices seeking identification clothing. The RSSC will maintain a centralized formal record of identification clothing transactions in financial terms.

6. Identification Clothing Specifications. The officially authorized identification clothing will consist of the following items.

A. Baseball-style caps will be available in both high and low crown styles. The material is a polyester/cotton blend with the USGS identifier embroidered 4" wide on the front of the cap. The USGS identifier is embroidered in white thread. Fabric color is dark green.

B. Jackets are full cut, below hip in length, nylon microfiber with a fleece lining. They have set-in sleeves, oversized hoods, two side pockets and are machine washable. The USGS identifier is silkscreened in white, reflective material on the upper left chest area of the front of the jacket in a 4" wide size and on the back of the jacket in an 11" wide size. Fabric color is dark green.

C. Polo shirts are 100 percent pique cotton with short, gusseted sleeves with a set-in placket with three buttons. The USGS identifier is embroidered in white on the upper left chest area of the shirt in a 4" wide size. Fabric color is dark green.

D. Sweatshirts are a cotton/polyester fleece blend with 80 percent or greater cotton content. The USGS identifier is embroidered in white on the front of the sweatshirt in a 4" wide size on the upper left chest area and in a 11" wide size on the back of the sweatshirt. Fabric color is dark green.

E. T-shirts will be stocked in both gray and orange colors. The gray shirt will have a PMS (Panton Matching System) 348 green USGS identifier and the orange shirt will have a reflective white USGS identifier. The material is 100 percent cotton with the USGS identifier on the front and back of the shirt in an 11" wide size. The identifier is silkscreened on the shirt.

F. Vests are lightweight for field duty and outfitted with multiple pockets for versatility. They will be available in khaki tan cotton with white USGS identifier and safety orange acrylic fabric with white USGS identifier. The USGS identifier is silkscreened on the front and back.

7. Accounting Requirements.

A. As clothing purchases may not exceed $400 per person per year, ordering offices must maintain records that support and track these expenditures. An authorization form (Figure 1) is used to record orders for each employee. This record is maintained by the ordering office for auditing purposes and as a tool to ensure that individual purchases do not exceed the yearly limit. The authorization form is approved by the administrative officer who has responsibility for funding the purchase.

B. The cost for clothing is chargeable to current year appropriated funds and reimbursable funds. As orders are filled and paid, the designated account will be charged. These costs will be charged to object class 121U.

8. Ordering Identification Clothing.

A. Orders to the Reston Supply Service Center (RSSC) for identification clothing may be made using the USGS Intranet (; by E-mail (, attaching an electronic form available on the Visual Identity page (; by faxing the form (703-648-7226), or in person using the hardcopy form (Figure 2).

B. Orders to the RSSC are to reflect an office's total requirement, while the authorization forms (retained at the ordering office) would be prepared for each employee supporting the consolidated order. Purchases are made for specific employees. Quantities ordered should match the supporting documentation of individual employee records.

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