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Part 403, Chapter 5

Distribution of Orders for Supplies and Services

Copy Purpose

Disposition (Send To)

(1) ORIGINAL Vendor
(2) PROCURING OFFICE Retained by purchasing office in official PO file.  This is also the GAO audit copy of the award and must be a complete copy, including clauses, specifications or work statement, and all other attachments.
(obligation copy)
- If order must be obligated/paid by OAFM: send to Office of Accounting and Financial Management, MS 270, Reston, VA 20192.

-  If order was obligated through Procurement Desktop/FFS interface:  send to person signing as Fiscal Authority on requisition. 

- All others: send to Fiscal Authority office for Remote Data Entry of obligation.

(4)  PROPERTY CONTROL * Regional property office.

(OAG only:  send to HQ Branch of Property Management, Reston, VA 20192.)

If order involves trade-in of equipment or purchase of replacement items using proceeds from sale of property, attach 9-064 or SF 120, respectively.

(5) RECEIVING REPORT Designated billing office for individual order.
(6)  DELIVERY Warehouse/loading dock of consignee facility. Field offices may distribute as desired.
(7) FISCAL Cognizant AO/Fiscal Services office for cited project account. Field offices may distribute as desired.
(8) IT Orders for Information Technology resources only:  send to individual signing IT approval.
Orders for Temporary Services only:  send to servicing personnel office approving the action.
(10) REVIEW Field offices only:  send to the ORS Acquisition and Grants Branch which provides simplified acquisition support to your office.

*  Property copy is required only if the order involves -

  1. purchase of any equipment valued at $5,000 or more (whether or not capitalized);
  2. purchase of sensitive equipment (weapons);
  3. purchase of on-road vehicular equipment when a Government license plate will be used;
  4. purchase of equipment using another agency's funds, if our agreement with the other agency requires USGS to track the property on their behalf;
  5. purchase of museum property;
  6. construction (includes repair/alteration of vessels);
  7. temporary space rentals (except conference facilities); or
  8. lease or rental of equipment for a term of 6 months or more.  (Property management officials will review to determine if tracking is required.)
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