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370.334.4 - Intergovernmental Assignments - Assignment of Employees From a State or Local Government


OPR: Admin/Personnel

Information on the Intergovernment Personnel Act Mobility Program can be found on OPM's website at Questions may be directed to the USGS IPA Coordinator, Annie Smith, at (703) 648-4402 or

1. General.

A. Promotions. When a non-Federal employee is assigned to the USGS under the IPA, the assignee cannot be promoted under the original agreement. A modified agreement must be completed stating the new duties of the position or the new position in which the assignee is placed which warrants the increase in salary.

B. Step Increases. Step increases are authorized only for certain types of agreements.

(1) A person on an IPA assignment can receive a step increase at the end of the first year providing the agreement is for more than 12 months (i.e., 13 to 24 months). Step increases must be documented in a modified agreement stating what is being done and why.

(2) A person on a 2-year agreement which is extended for 2 more years may receive another step increase at the end of the first year of the extension for the assignment, but not at the end of the original 2-year assignment. This must be documented as a modified agreement. There may only be two step increases in a 4-year period and only as stated above.

(3) A person on a 1-year assignment which is extended 1 more year cannot receive a step increase at the end of the original 1-year assignment. OPM has ruled that for purposes of step increases, agreements cited here and in 370.334.4.1B(2) above are considered new agreements.

2. Documentation. A formal personnel action request will be entered into the PAS when a non-Federal employee is appointed to the USGS under the IPA.

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