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370.620.1 - Hours of Duty, Leave, Alternative Work Schedules, Holidays, and Voluntary Leave Transfer Program


OPR: Office of Human Resources

Instruction:  This SM chapter replaces SM chapters 370.610.1, 370.610.2, 370.630.1, 370.630.3, 370.630.4, 370.630.7, 370.630.9, 370.630.10, and 370.630.11. 

1. Purpose.   The purpose of this SM chapter is to establish the USGS policies for hours of duty, leave, alternative work schedules, holidays, and the voluntary leave transfer program.

2. Authority.  This chapter is implemented under the provisions of Title 5, United States Code, Chapters 61 and 63, and Title 5, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 610 and 630.  Information may also be obtained from the Office of Personnel Management’s website at

3. Policy.  It is the policy of the USGS to have an alternative work schedule policy and a Voluntary Leave Transfer Program.

4. Procedures.  The USGS Attendance and Leave Handbook contains the implementing regulations, process, and forms which must be followed by all USGS employees.

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