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370.550.12 - Allotments and Assignments of Pay - Direct Deposit of Allotments to Financial Institutions


OPR: Admin/Personnel

1. Allotments. Employees may have payroll deductions in any whole dollar amount remitted directly to financial organizations of their choice for credit to their accounts.

2. Definition of Financial Organization. Financial organization means any bank, savings and loan association or Federal or State-chartered credit union located in the United States.

3. Procedure.

A. SF 1199A, Direct Deposit Sign-up Form, (Figure 1) must be used for each financial organization in which the employee wishes to establish an allotment. This form serves as the required written authorization and evidence (by endorsement thereon by the financial organization) that the financial organization is willing to act as agent of the employee and to accept, at its expense, any service charges involved.

B. Instructions for preparing SF 1199A are contained on the form. The SF 1199A has three parts with snap-out carbons for ease of preparation. The original, (Government agency copy), is to be forwarded by the employee, after endorsement by the financial organization, to the Bureau of Reclamation Departmental Payroll Office (USGS), D-2651 Academy Place 1, 7333 West Jefferson Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80235 for processing. Include a Transmittal to Consolidated Payroll Office, BOR Form 7-2211, listing organization code, sub-bureau code, and timekeeper code. The remaining two copies are for the employee and the financial organization. The request will be processed in the first pay period following its receipt and will be effective as of the beginning of that pay period.

4. Special Rules.

A. No more than two allotments can be made by an employee. The allotments can be to either the same or separate financial organizations. The name of the savings account(s) must include the payroll name of the authorizing employee.

B. If two allotments are requested to be remitted to separate accounts in the same financial organization, a separate SF 1199A must be completed for each account.

C. If for any reason total deductions exceed gross salary, no allotment deductions will be made.

D. To decrease or make name or account changes in an allotment, another SF 1199A must be submitted to the financial organization, indicating in block (G) the action requested and the amount.

E. For increases or cancellation of allotments, the SF 1199A may be sent directly to the Division of Payroll Operations without prior submission to the financial organization.

5. Changing Financial Organizations. Whenever a change is made in the financial organization receiving the allotment, a new SF 1199A must be prepared and submitted in accordance with procedures in Paragraph 3 above.

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