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370.550.3 - Allotments and Assignments of Pay - General


OPR: Admin/Office of Personnel

1. General. An allotment of pay is a voluntary action of an employee and does not obligate the Government for any errors or delays in payment nor invest any property rights in the allottee until payment is made.

2. Purposes for Which Allotments are Permitted.

A. Payment of dues to a labor organization, an association of management officials or super-visors, or to a professional or other association. See SM 370.550.4 for basic requirements.

B. Charitable contributions to a Combined Federal Campaign. See SM 370.550.6 for basic requirements.

C. Payment to accounts in financial organizations. See SM 370.550.12 for basic requirements.

D. Payment of State, District of Columbia, or city income taxes. The following eligibility requirements apply:

(1) Employee is headquartered outside of but is a resident in and commutes from a State, the District of Columbia, or a city which has entered into a withholding agreement with the Secretary of the Treasury.

(2) There is no requirement by law or reciprocal agreement for nonresident with-holding at place of employment.

E. The support of relatives or dependents of the allotter.

F. Payment of commercial insurance premiums on the life of the allotter.

G. Payment of U.S. Government Insurance or National Service Life Insurance.

H. Payment of indebtedness due the U.S. Government.

I. Payment for alimony and/or child support. Written voluntary election from the employee is the authorization for alimony or child support allotments. See FPM Chapter 550, subchapters 3-5.

J. Allotments for other purposes may be approved by the Assistant Director for Administration. However, allotments may not be permitted for:

(1) Payment of personal debts other than those listed above.

(2) Contributions to charity except for a Combined Federal Campaign.

(3) Payment of dues to civic, fraternal, or other organizations (except recognized labor organizations, associations of management officials or supervisors, or professional or other associations, which have permissible written agreements with the USGS).

3. Eligible Allotters.

A. Eligibility requirements for purposes in SM 370.550.3.2A through D and J are given as indicated.

B. Eligibility requirements for purposes in SM 370.550.3.2E through I are as follows:

(1) Employee is assigned to a post of duty outside the continental United States.

(2) Employee is serving on a USGS vessel.

(3) Employee is working on an assignment away from his/her regular post of duty when the assignment is expected to continue for three months or more.

4. Allotments During Evacuation. Allotments for authorized purposes may be made prospectively to be effective upon the issuance of an evacuation order.

5. Authorized Allottee. An allotment for an authorized purpose may be made to any allottee specifically designated in writing by the allotter.

6. Limitation on Allotments.

A. An allotter may have only one allotment payable to the same allottee at the same time. (Exception: Two allotments are permitted for payment to a savings account in the same financial organization.)

B. The total amount of allotments may not exceed the employee's net pay for the pay period.

C. Allotments cannot be made on a retroactive basis.

D. Allotments must be in equal amounts each pay period.

E. Allotments will be made on a pay period basis only.

7. Procedures.

A. For payment of dues to a labor organization, an association of management officials or supervisors, or to a professional or other association, see SM 370.550.4.

B.For payment of contributions to a Combined Federal Campaign, see SM 370.550.6.

C. For payment of accounts in financial organizations, see SM 370.550.12.

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