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335.3 - Credit Cards


OPR: Admin/Office of Financial Management

1. Purpose. This chapter provides general guidelines for the care of, and accountability for, credit cards, and identifies other chapters in the Survey Manual where additional instructions may be found.

2. Policy. Credit cards used to incur indebtedness by the USGS or any of its organizational units are to be treated as accountable documents, negotiable instruments, or currency. When not actually in use, gasoline credit cards are to be secured in the vehicles to which they are assigned, charge plates for self-service stores are to be kept in locked drawers or cabinets, and telephone and other credit cards are to be restricted to the personal custody and use of employees to whom they are issued.

3. Responsibilities. Each employee issued a credit card by or through the USGS has a personal responsibility for using prudent measures to protect it, preventing its unauthorized use, and for returning it to a proper custodian either when it is no longer required or upon separation. (Additional instructions for each type of credit card are contained in the chapters listed below).

4. General Guidelines.

A. Gasoline and other routine automotive supplies are charged to USGS accounts by means of Standard Form 149, U.S. Government National Credit Card. Instructions for the use of Standard Form 149 are contained in SM 403.10.

B. Self-Service Store charge plates are described in SM 402.1.5A and in the Geological Survey Handbook for Sources of Supply and Small Purchases.

C. Telephone credit cards are described in SM 313.6.9.

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