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325.1 - Dissemination of Program and Fiscal Data by Geographic Area


OPR: Director's Office

1. Purpose. This chapter establishes policies, responsibilities and procedures for the preparation and coordination of program and fiscal reports by geographic areas.

2. Policy. General policy and requirements for reports are contained in OMB Circular No. A-84 and 305 DM 4. Specific requirements for preparation of reports are disseminated by Memoranda, Office of Budget, Department of the Interior (DOI).

3. Responsibilities.

A. The Budget Officer is responsible for the preparation and coordination of USGS reports containing program and fiscal data by geographic areas, and for their submission to higher authorities.

B. The Division Finance Officers and/or Program Officers are responsible for providing the required data, in the format(s) and time specified, to the Program Operations Office for the preparation of such reports.

C. The Field Offices are responsible for responding to requests for information concerning expenditures and fiscal data through appropriate channels.

D. The Chief, Office of Financial Management is responsible for providing the required fiscal data (i.e., appropriation reconciliations, outlays, and expenditures) to the Program Operations Office for the preparation of such reports.

4. Procedures.

A. Composition of State and Congressional District Report. This report is part of the Department's annual submission of budget data which is transmitted to Members of Congress, the Interior Appropriations Committees, the Field Special Assistant to the Secretary, and other specified addressees. The report consists of schedules of the budget authority of each Congressional District and total budget authority for each State. For States covered by one Congressional District, and for the Territories and the District of Columbia, only the total budget authority schedule is required. The report distributes direct budget authority for the past year, current year, and budget year by activity for Congressional District, State and Territory. A floppy disc for the inclusion of USGS data in the Departmental version of the report is submitted along with a hard copy of the detailed back-up data. This report is submitted (usually when the budget is transmitted to Congress) on a date established by the Office of Budget, DOI.

B. Preparation of Reports.

(1) The State and Congressional District report is based on actual past year budget authority and estimated current and budget year data which is derived by the Divisions on the basis of where their projects are geographically located. Overhead costs or costs not specifically related to a project in a Congressional District are prorated to States only and included on the undistributed line. Costs not attributable to a specific State are included in the State Undistributed category. Totals must match actual budget authority for the past year, and current and budget year estimates.

(2) Special requests are received through the Department's Budget Office for information on USGS expenditures in a State, Congressional District, or lower level geographic location (i.e., city, county, town). To ensure coordination and consistency of data reported, the Program Operations Office gathers the information from the activities involved and submits the response through Departmental channels.

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