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313.4 - Facsimile Transmission Equipment


OPR: Information Systems Division

1. Purpose. This chapter describes policy, responsibilities, and procedures for the procurement and utilization of facsimile transmission equipment. It supplements the instructions contained in SM 313.11 which apply to all record communications transmitted over the Federal Telecommunications System (FTS) or commercial communications facilities.

2. Policy. It is USGS policy to procure and utilize facsimile equipment at minimum cost consistent with security, reliability of service, efficiency of operation, requirements for capacity, and programmed activities.

3. Responsibility. The Chief, Branch of Telecommunications Services, Information Systems Division, is responsible for the policy guidance and direction of USGS programs and activities related to facsimile transmission, and for the administration, coordination, and transmittal of all related reports to the Department of the Interior and the General Services Administration.

4. Procedures - Installation or Change. Proposed acquisition of new equipment, purchased or leased, will be submitted on Form DI-1, Requisition, and processed through normal approval channels to the Office of Procurement and Contracts. Requests originating at the National Center or Eastern Region field offices will be forwarded to the Office of Procurement and Contracts, 205 National Center. Requisitions originating at other field locations will be forwarded to the appropriate Regional Management Officer.

5. Usage.

A. Capabilities. Facsimile systems are available to permit rapid transmission of images in their exact size and form. All systems can send or receive copy up to 8$ x 11 inches and some units can send and receive copy up to 14 inches in length. In transmitting documents by facsimile, always be sure that the name and telephone number of the addressee appear on the face of the document (or the first page of a number of documents).

B. Restrictions. The use of facsimile will be restricted to the transmission of official documents requiring immediate action; e.g., those that:

(1) Are urgently needed in their present size, shape, and form.

(2) Require a personal signature.

(3) Cannot be transmitted by alternate means such as mail, electronic mail, teletype, or other means which are unsuitable because of transmission time, lack of signature, or alteration of form.

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