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308.76 – USGS Collections Steering Committee


OPR: Office of Administration

Instruction: This is a new Survey Manual chapter.

1.  Purpose.  This chapter establishes the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Collections Steering Committee (CSC) and serves as its charter.  The purpose of the CSC is to advise USGS leadership on the curation, coordination, and management of a full spectrum of collections and associated materials in the conduct of USGS scientific investigations in accordance with the USGS records disposition schedules.

2.  Scope.  The CSC advises on USGS collections focusing on, but not limited to, scientific working and institutional collections, and coordinating with the USGS Museum Property Steering Committee relating to USGS museum property collections.

3.  Function.  The function of the CSC is to:

A.  Identify collections and make recommendations on appropriate classification, disposition, support, and stewardship of collections.

B.  Provide policy recommendations relevant to other Department of the Interior (Interior) and USGS committees with shared interests.

C.  Make recommendations on collection-related procedures that are consistent with policies and regulations.

D.  Contribute to and review collections reports, proceedings, and deliberations of groups that are internal and external to the USGS.

E.  Oversee subcommittees formed by the CSC to address issues of particular kinds of collections such as historical objects, geological and geophysical data, ice cores, fossils, water samples, and biological specimens.

F.  Provide a strategic assessment of the relationships between collections to determine proper protocols.

G.  Provide input to other Federal and Interior collections committees.

H.  Organize outreach for USGS collections.

I.  Leverage the CSC expertise to compile and communicate to the public clear and strategic connections of USGS scientific collections to enhance their discoverability and research value.

4.  Reporting.  The CSC Chairperson (or Co-Chairs) reports to the Associate Director for Core Science Systems.

5.  Membership Composition, Selection, and Terms.  Committee membership includes representatives of collections of the Bureau, Mission Areas, and Regions.  Representatives are selected by the USGS Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and will serve 3-year terms.  Terms of members may be extended as deemed necessary by the Chairperson (or Co-Chairs) and approved by the ELT.  With concurrence of the Chairperson (or Co-Chairs), representatives may designate an alternate who can substitute for that member in meetings and other committee-related activities.

6.  Meetings.  Meetings are held quarterly or at the discretion of the Chairperson (or Co-Chairs).

7.  Subcommittees.  The CSC is authorized to establish ad hoc subcommittees for different types of scientific collections.  These subcommittees will comprise scientists with relevant collections or experience.

8.  Termination Date.  None.  The need for continuation of the CSC will be reviewed every 3 years by the Associate Director for Core Science Systems.


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