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308.70 – American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Accountability Transparency Oversight Board


OPR:  Office of Administrative Policy and Services

Instruction: New SM chapter.

1.  Purpose.  This chapter establishes the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Accountability Transparency and Oversight Board, referred to as the Recovery Act Oversight Board (RAOB), in the U.S. Geological Survey. 

2.  Background.  The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Act) makes supplemental appropriations available for job preservation and creation, infrastructure investment, energy efficiency and science, assistance to the unemployed, and State and local fiscal stabilization, for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2009, and for other purposes. 

The Act requires the establishment of a Government-wide Recovery Act Accountability and Transparency Board to coordinate and conduct oversight of Federal spending under the Act to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse.  In addition, the responsibilities of the Board shall include the following:  ensuring that reporting of information regarding contract and grants under this Act meets applicable standards and specifies the purpose of the contract or grant and measures of performance; verifying that competition requirements applicable to contracts and grants under this Act and other applicable Federal law have been satisfied; investigating spending under this Act to determine whether wasteful spending, poor contract or grant management, or other abuses are occurring; submitting quarterly reports to the President and Congress summarizing its findings on the use and benefits of funds made available under this Act; annually preparing consolidated reports on the use of funds under this Act.  All reports shall be publicly available and posted on the internet Web site, except those portions of reports that may be redacted if the portions would disclose information that is protected from public disclosure under Section 552 of Title 5, United States Code (Freedom of Information Act).

3.  Authority/Reference.

A.  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

B.  OMB Memorandum No. M-09-10 dated February 18, 2009, Initial Implementing Guidance for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

4.  Roles and Responsibilities.  The USGS RAOB shall ensure that the Bureau’s projects are executed in accordance with the specific requirements of the Act.  The projects that will be submitted to the Department, OMB, and the Congress will come from those previously reviewed and approved by the Bureau's Investment Review Board, i.e., those related to deferred maintenance and facilities construction activities.  The RAOB will monitor the projects to ensure that plans are meeting the stated objectives, spending rates are in alignment, and projects are on schedule.  Associate Directors will continue to exercise direct oversight and leadership in their respective areas of responsibility and will provide reports, as defined, to the RAOB for purposes of oversight roles and responsibilities.

5.  RAOB Membership.  Membership will include Bureau senior leaders and individuals from program areas.  The Director of the Office of Budget and Performance and the Associate Director for Administrative Policy and Services/Chief Financial Officer will serve as co-chairs.  See Appendix A for the membership list.

6.  Termination Date.  September 30, 2010, or the expiration date of funding availability as defined by the Act, whichever is later.

Appendix A

_________________________________                                          February 20, 2009
Karen D. Baker                                                                                               Date

Associate Director for Administrative Policy and Services/
Chief Financial Officer


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